Titanium tubes form the basis of structures like aircraft frames, racing car roll cages, and oil rigs. The high strength is the main advantage that makes these tubes perfect for these applications.

In most of these applications, a well designed and carefully welded titanium tube is what safeguards the human life inside, such as during driver safety. For making these tubes suitable for different applications, tube bending is utilized.

In this article, we will discuss the details of titanium tube bending and the bending machine used for the purpose.

How hard is it to bend titanium tubing?

The degree of difficulty of titanium tube bending depends on the method you employ for the bending process. Without a bending machine, titanium tube bending is almost impossible. Even with manual tube benders, the process can take a lot of effort for thin titanium tube forming. Even hot bending requires a certain degree of effort and a lot of time.

However, with high-end tube benders like RogueFab’s benders designed for the purpose, it is a piece of cake to bend titanium. To make things even easier, these benders come with hydraulic add-ons that can do the job with the push of a button.

What to Look For When Buying a Titanium Tube Bender?

Making a careful choice when buying a tube bender can be the difference between a high-strength construction and something that leads to a fatal accident. Here are the things that you should consider for a precise bending machine:

Maximum Bend Angle

Maximum bending angle is one of the most important factors when choosing tube benders. This angle relates to the bending capacity of the tube bender. A higher angle provides a greater possibility and options, leading to more possible applications.

Single Turn Bending Angle

Single turn bending angle is the degrees that a tube bender can bend in one uninterrupted manufacturing cycle. The higher this angle, the less effort and time it requires for the bender to bend the titanium tubing. This leads to a faster production as well.

Build Quality

Getting a high-quality tube bender means investing in a machine with corrosion resistance that will last longer. For instance, RogueFab’s tube benders are known for their anti-corrosion durability properties, making them last for the entire requirement cycle.

Hydraulic vs. Mechanical Tube Bender

Bending titanium tubing is not as easy as bending softer tubes such as copper. Hydraulic bending process provides an easier way to bend these tubes as the physical force is provided by the hydraulic systems instead of manual action.

Bending Diameters

Every tube bender has its own range of bending diameters. Choosing a wider bending diameter range is better as it makes the machine more versatile. An important thing to note is that only the correct tooling should be used for bending tubes with different diameters.

Benefits of RogueFab Titanium Tube and Pipe Benders

Many reasons make RogueFab’s benders the best for bending a wide range of versatile material. Some of these benders, such as the M600 mandrel benders, are the industry-leading products preferred by professionals in every manufacturing sector. These benders can bend any metal tubes, from aluminium, titanium, super duplex stainless steels to exotic alloys.

These benders are widely applied for manufacturing high-performance exhaust systems. The diameters of the tubing for these applications can be up to 2 inches. For certain applications, the diameters can be pushed to 2 1/4 inches. These benders can manufacture turbo manifolds and motorsport components in-house instead of outsourcing them, saving costs significantly.

Additional features include the possibility of adding hydraulic systems that can bend titanium at 3.5 degrees per second. This bending speed is three times faster than conventional mechanical bending, improving production parameters. One of the best things about these benders is that they can create bends bidirectionally. This is very different from other popular tube bending machine that only create unidirectional bends.

Lastly, these benders and any compatible tooling you get along with it come with one of the longest warranties that any manufacturer offers. This reflects the trust that RogueFab has in the build quality of these products.


Bending titanium can be difficult, so you need a professional tube bender such as RogueFab to do it. Inferior tube benders end up causing damage to the tubes or even the operator, leading to more losses than what you save initially. Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest one-time in a superior tube bender such as the M600 and enjoy long term savings in terms of faster production, high quality bends, and longer machine life.