Mark your calendar – Our ONLY sale of the year! And for the first time ever, 10% off site wide for orders over $4k! We have never done a 10% off sale. Every other coupon on this flyer was requested by YOU, our fans on social media. Thank you for your input!

Codes and how to use them:

You can use as many of these codes as you want! But you can only use one per transaction. Every year we welcome people to place multiple orders to get around this limitation. No problem!

m600cm – You buy an M600 bender with a pressure roller die upgrade (not without), And add your choice of degree indicator, and this coupon code takes off the $35 upcharge for the roller pressure die and deducts the price of the pointer.

m600btcm – You order any M600 (w/1 die) and Bend Tech Pro and you get $75 off.

vncm – Buy a VersaNotcher and get $35 off and a free shirt (you need to add the shirt to your cart). This takes off $24. Large sizes cost a few bucks more, we can’t program it to work that way. Sorry.

3m600cm – Buy the M600 and also 3 separate dies and you will get $110 off!

2m600cm – Buy the M600 and also 2 separate dies and you will get $75 off!

cm3die – Buy any 3 (or more) bending dies for the M600 bender and get $125 off!

cm4k – Make your own package! Or get the best deal ever offered on our ELITE packages, xHD motorsport packages, or roll cage dream packages! As soon as your cart total hits $4k this coupon can be applied. This 10% is OFF OF REGULAR PRICES. Not our old sale prices (which were NEVER as high as 10% off anyway!).