Exhaust pipe benders are widely used in the automotive industry. They are ideal for profiling the last few inches of exhaust piping on aftermarket exhaust systems, which enhances the final appearance of the exhaust.

Pipe benders are also useful in custom fabrication or manufacturing, for example, building turbo manifolds/downpipes to customer specifications.

Different pipe bending machines

There are pipe bending tools that use a fixed radius (this is the cheapest kind you can get and is generally low quality). Other pipe bending tools give you a custom radius for pipes and tubes without needing to buy additional equipment.

Roguefab has been in the business of producing tube bending equipment for many years. It has developed a stellar reputation in the industry for its hands-on approach to developing products.

Its exhaust bender has a unique feature that lets you bend exhaust piping to the angle of your choosing. And this tool allows you to shape the same piece of metal in any other direction – making it a truly versatile pipe bender. The variety of bends possible is far superior to what machines from other companies, in the same price range, produce!

The Roguefab exhaust bender is much more versatile than a traditional fixed radius tubing bender.

Rogue fabrication’s collection of high-capacity pipe benders offers many benefits over benders from competitors. The most important benefits are durability, versatility, superior quality, and unrivaled value for money!

What to look for when buying an exhaust bender

Each item in the list may or may not be a priority depending on your needs. But, generally, the main things to consider before buying pipe benders include:

  1. Price: Prices range from a few hundred dollars to $30K for pipe benders. Whatever your budget, buy the best you can afford.
  2. Bender Capacity: What type of pipe/tube can it bend? Which bending applications are supported? Are its capabilities enough to handle anything you will need to use it for? Can it handle half-pipe bending?
  3. Construction Material: What materials are used to make the bender? (preferably aluminum or steel)
  4. Durability: Is it designed to last a long time? Is it heavy-duty enough for your needs?
  5. Bending Profile: Are there any restrictions on the style of bends that you can produce?
  6. Bending Angle: Can it produce bends to the degree you need?

Roguefab Exhaust Pipe Bender Benefits

Rogue Fabrication’s M600 Mandrel Tube Bender excels in all the above areas. The Rogue M600 Mandrel Bender has applications in high-performance exhaust manufacturing. It can bend diameters of 2″ and smaller (up to 2 1/4″ in some limited applications).

Product information & benefits:

  • Fabricate turbo manifolds in-house: bend stainless steel; the M600 bender will handle sizes up to the 2 1/4″ OD associated with T6 turbo flanges.
  • Roguefab’s HD and XHD benders produce 94°-bends with a single ram stoke. That means the operator can bend more than 180° with just 3 strokes.
  • More cost-effective than outsourcing: if you want to control production costs by bending pipes on-site, the M600 is the best solution for you. There is no need to put such work in the hands of an external manufacturer if you have in-house capacity.
  • Professional-grade power: the M600 comes with a choice of air/hydraulic cylinders to power it.
  • Precision craftsmanship: the main parts are precision machined in the USA.
  • Minimal Deformation: the design and premium specifications of the M600 allow it to bend large-diameter tubing with minimal distortion of shape. It maintains an aesthetic appearance, ideal for exhausts!
  • Exceptional durability: built to last, the M600 allows you to fabricate without worry!
  • With the M600 pipe bender selection, it is easy to control bending with a single stroke without distorting the external appearance of the tubing. Its exceptional price makes it even more appealing!


When you shop for a pipe bender, it’s a big decision and only natural that you want to protect your purchase.

Roguefab is proud of the precision engineering that goes into every machine we produce. We are so confident in our products that all Roguefab benders come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Rogue fab is a company dedicated to engineering excellence. All main components are made in the USA. Roguefab will replace or repair any component for the original customer should it fail due to a defect.

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