Metal Tube Bender M601 & 1 Die (Standard Duty)

From: $999.00
(64 customer reviews)
  • M601 metal pipe bender can do 94 degrees in one shot (hydraulic cylinder length dependent) and go past 180 degrees
  • Bends a variety of metals - Mild/Carbon Steel, Chromoly, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and more!
  • Extremely accurate and easy to use
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending


Customize The Options To Get The Perfect Tool For Your Needs


The RogueFab model 601 pipe bender is the best value on the market. It competes in price with machines that have nowhere near this bending capacity, versatility, and technical support. Our steel tubing bender is easy to use, accurate, and portable. You can add an “Hd Kit” (link here) to convert any M601 into an M605, so no buyer’s remorse here! Our current lead times are 1-2 weeks and are dependent on the order, they will ship in the order they are received. This product is protected by US Patent No. 11529663.

The hydraulic cylinder (or system, there are options HERE) are sold separately (like it says in the photo above and later in this description).

Not sure what a pressure roller die is? Need help with the options? Learn everything you need to know in under 4 minutes:

Capabilities of M601 metal tube bender

We have the most affordable dies in the industry, and all of them bend 180+ degrees. You can forget about “90 degree 1 shot” benders that stop at 90. Our bender can do 94 degrees in one shot (m601 with MOST hydraulics and m605 and m625 models with any hydraulics we sell), and then all models continue and go past 180.

Bends Carbon and Stainless Steel

The M601 metal bender has been tested on carbon and stainless steel and works very well. Our line of tubing benders have an unmatched range of wall thicknesses that they can successfully bend due to their extreme capacity for thick walled tube on the M625 and their amazing thin wall range when equipped with the Rogue Fab Mandrel Attachment.

Other Supported Materials

Our M601 can also make S-Bends, which is shown in our videos section. Furthermore, it can bend:

  • brass
  • copper
  • aluminum (round/square tube and pipe)
  • thin-walled titanium for turbo manifold work and tubular titanium frames (when upgraded to a 605 and using our Mandrel Attachment)

While this metal tube bender can bend super thick DOM tubing, it also bends thin 4130 chromoly for roll cages, and can still make accurate 3D bends with ease on either material.

Are you still looking at manual tubing benders?

This modern machine was designed to run air/hydraulic (ram is sold separately, $99-249). Compare our maximum capacity to the competition before you buy, because nothing else comes close.

Machine Dimensions:

M6xx tubing bender: (assembled, ready to bend): 12”x30” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 12”x47”x32” (LxWxH). Weight 140-200 lbs.

M6xx Bender on Cart: 22”x34” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 22”x47”x68” (LxWxH). Weight 210+ lbs (depends on cart contents).

Flexible Design

The best thing about our line of tubing benders is how they can easily grow with your shop. You can get the machine now as the basic M601 or the overkill-strong M625, and be up and running without spending your whole tool budget.

Down the road, there is no need to sell this machine to upgrade:

  • You can add a mandrel attachment to bend extremely thin tubing.
  • You can upgrade to pressure roller dies for more complex bend geometry and bending aluminum
  • You can upgrade to a 9.5 degree per second electric/hydraulic power system with auto stops for repeat parts.
  • You can even add a backstop and rotation gauges to keep track of bend spacing and rotation between bends on 3D parts.

Need storage space? We sell cart kits and completed carts for our machines. Want to get advanced? We sell the best bending software in the business, already configured for our machines.

This tubing bender is no bait-and-switch. It comes with EVERYTHING in the pictures except for the hydraulic ram. You can go buy the ram from Harbor Freight to save money on shipping, or get one right off our web page. Our web page is the single most complete source for information on tube bending. Read all of it in our Technical Index (LINK).

Are you worried about learning how to bend tube? Or learning a new machine? Ours is the easiest to use, and able to make to most complicated bends. Let us show you in under 7 minutes:

Want to see a whole project from start to finish, and even more bending tricks that are 100% unique to our design? Watch this video:

How much work is it to weld it together? Very little, it’s so easy a novice welder can do it:

How hard is it to change dies? Super easy! Here is a video of a die set change;

*when properly equipped. Please see our wall thickness capacity chart for full details. It is in our tech section on our web page.

64 reviews for Metal Tube Bender M601 & 1 Die (Standard Duty)

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    Ashton Clevenger
    I was using the bender that my school has (this exact one) and I found there are no square dies and I was thinking about if I could use dies from other manual benders but found that didnt work so well. I wanted to ask what I should do about this situation, seeing as I can't afford a bender on my own and I need one, if someone could give me some ideas I could use to find out how to mend my metal on my non existing budget. btw shout out to Rogue Fab for making the easiest, most brilliant machine I have ever used, and same thing for the hole saw they make too, fully recommend and they are the best for the price it is seeing as other benders could be north of $15k to $50k. I am building a gokart with the body being a C6 Corvette Racecar bed with a Sparco Evo seat. It's gonna have the frame design inspired from a F1 car from the 90's and a engine from the 1981 Suzuki GS550L. I plan on there being 2 drive axles in the rear, basically a 6x6 with the body extended, also 10" rims with low profile tires. if anyone has any ideas don't hesitate to DM me, I do want to try to get on YouTube with this project and I wish I could have sponsors but I know I'd be too small for it *cough cough*.
    Reply from Joe Gambino:
    You're in luck... We have dies on our web page (and in stock) for: *Round tube *Square tube ( *Pipe *EMT Conduit *Metric tube *Hexagon tube ( No bender in our price category has more die options!
    Cheap POS!!! First off there’s no bolts.. it’s all pins and washers… When assembled it’s flimsy, loose and is not consistent. Horrible design.. and for some reason they figured putting little sharp edges everywhere was a great idea so you can cut yourself up while using it, waste of money.
    Reply from Joe Gambino:
    Kyle, I can't find an order under your e mail. Are you a customer of ours? Assuming you are, here is my response: Would you like a full set of bolts to replace your pins with? We have never seen any tube bender assembled with bolts, since they greatly increase time to make tooling (die) changes. It would be a cost savings for us to switch to grade 8 bolts. Also, I'm sorry you don't like some of the edge shapes. You are welcome to grind them smooth. The "looseness" you're describing in your M601 is left-to-right (not in the bending direction), and won't affect bending performance or accuracy. The M605 adds a spring to the outside of the frame (among other things) to take up any gaps. I will send you a spring for free if you want. Other upgrades to address your complaints would include our billet die spacers (they replace the washers with anodized billet and laser engraved spacers). You are welcome to browse for those, they are listed right next to the bending dies. Most other benders are horizontal, so gravity pulls all the parts to one side and conceals the gaps between any parts. We have these laser cut and CNC machined in the USA, I can assure you they are not made cheap. Even the raw materials for these machines are sourced from the USA (not imported steel and imported billet 6061). We value your feedback and want to help you if you will let us.
    Img 9771
    Img 9274
    Img 9771
    Dustin Kersey
    Had been interested in building dune buggies for years have purchased and tried several different style tubing benders and have been completely disappointed with ease of function and end product. Ordered the 605 tubing bender with two sets of dies in order to start a new project have amazed on how easy it is how well it works and the quality of bends. I can make several pieces in a short amount of time. Was so impressed that I bought another set of dies more clamp blocks and the versa notcher. Which I find to be extremely easy to use and serves more purpose than I thought I would use it for. I don’t even use my vise and more since it can hold tubing in all sorts of positions and can losses to spin the part. Complete game changer. Can’t believe I was ever cutting tubing with an angle grinder. Using cutting fluid I have not had to change my bit once. I haven’t lost one tooth. Which is funny cause I have about extra hole saw 10 bit’s because I expected to blow through them.
    Img 20230330 152427332 Hdr
    Img 20230330 152408264 Hdr
    Img 20230330 152427332 Hdr
    Benjamin Miller
    To achieve professional results, you need a professional bender. After looking at all the benders available, I settled on Rogue Fab's bender. I love the fact you can save money and weld it yourself. It's easy to assemble and put together, good clear directions and an in depth video of assembly on YouTube. First project I made was a contractors rack for my pickup out of 1 3/4 and 1 1/2 tube. I have never owned a bender before and it came out great. Really like the vertical orientation of the bender, makes it easier to manage by myself and saves space.
    Fb Img 1679106578533
    I bought the weld together kit a few years back. I've built a few bumpers, my off road buggy and my latest project was building a bumper for my mountaineer
    Doug Williams
    I build folding hunting carts for atv’s and the cart has an aluminum tube guard for the wheels. Looked at several different tubing benders and the Rogue Fab 601 really stood out so I purchased one. Been very happy with the bender and the online calculator on the website. Great people to do business with, highly recommend!
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    Best bender on the market! I bought the weld together kit which was a no brainer for the savings. Easy assembly. Bender works flawlessly time after time.
    20230220 175848
    Robert Boening
    Great bender. Makes repeat bends super easy. Can't wait to use it more.
    Robert Seymour
    Purchased the M601 bender to build my first roll cage for my 68 mustang. got it all welded together and painted the next weekend. I've already ordered the parts to upgrade it to the HD version and i haven't even used the thing yet. this thing is amazing looking and looks like it'll perform above and beyond what i'll need. can't wait to start on the cage bending as soon as my seats arrive.
    Img 0579
    Jim McInnes
    I started out with a harbor freight pnumatic tube bender,time for uprev and got the 601 ,what a difference it opens up a lot of potential ,saves time ,the bends are very good , Im bending 1.25x .125 wall alum, no kinks ,no marks just smooth bends pics on the way, Jim M
    JP Ricci
    Easy to assemble and fun to use. Best bender on the market for the price.
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    Mikel brandon
    Awesome tubing Bender I got the M60 one and it performs amazingly just make sure you tighten your clamp lockdown and the fact that it tells you on the side how many Inches per degree u bend is a nice feature that I really really like and let’s be honest the tubing benders just look awesome vary nice styling There was a mistake with my order on the slide blocks but they instantly took care of it and send them to me so has been nothing but an amazing experience when I was having problems not knowing my clamp blocks weren’t tight enough they were able to direct me in the right way of fixing my situation
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    Cda719ec C524 4101 A020 F48cbfada747
    I have not had a chance to use the bender I purchased yet. I have been putting it together and welding everything up. So far the bender has been very easy to put together and is made of even better materials than anticipated. Rogue has also been great at communicating (a part was backordered) and they sent a different part so I wouldn’t be delayed in assembling or using the bender and let me know before the bender even arrived. Very pleased so far.
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    Sam Collins
    This bender has got to be the best value in bending. It has great capacity and versatility. I love the clamp block design for repeatability and speed. You can’t go wrong with this bender
    I love my bender! Great company! Great customer service! Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Rogue Fab Team!
    20210331 173706 Rotated
    dan k hampton
    Got to use my friends m600 bender, worked like a charm, even my 10 year old son was putting some 90 degree bends in some DOM for us. now his dad needs one for all his fab work! awesome products rogue fab! would recommend your products to anyone
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    Brandon Swanson
    As a small fan shop the quality and performance of my Rogue Fab M600 bender is exactly what we need. We’ve put it through it’s paces making rock sliders and suspension components for the off road industry and the bender never fails to deliver. If you’re thinking about a product from Rogue Fab, do yourself a favor and buy it!!
    M600 1 1
    Matt Martin
    Great products! With the support and knowledge to match. I have owned a M600 and Versa Notcher for several years now and both have operated flawlessly. It has bent everything I have put thru it. Its portable, air assist ram, multiple die sizes, easy changes, produces complex bends, and most important, Its affordable! Its great for the novice all the way to the advanced fabricator.
    Rogue Fab And Ram
    Ryan Barnhart
    This bender is awesome. My only regret is not buying it sooner!!!
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    Absolutely love this bender, had it for about a year now. Very easy to use for a “dumb welder” like me. I haven’t successfully figured out bend tech yet but did figure out how to do this extremely tight offset of 0.5D ! Needed the tight offset for a project and I was going to do a welded to and some cutting to make it happen. Thanks to this bender it looks super professional and saved me a bunch or time to boot!
    9cc83b7f 61a9 419e Ad00 Ef93cb6bad42
    Picked up my model 600 bender and cart today. The quality and craftsmanship is amazing and staff was extremely professional. Assembly was simple can wait to start knocking it some projects!
    I purchased the M600 weld together kit. Kit was very easy to put together and only took me 2 hours to complete. I bought this bender to build bunpers, sliders, and cages for my SxS. The cost of this bender was cheaper then buying all of the add ons already built. I figured since I am a welder/fabricator that I could purchase this and build everything I wanted and more! It has been great, I love it!
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    E075ed01 25dd 41d7 8b23 F8d5259c2f3a
    Taylor Freel
    We have the m600 bender in our shop at Freel Good Performance. By far our favorite tool in the shop and extremely versatile. The customer service from Rogue Fab has also been phenomenal. Clean bends and happy customers is what we’re after and Rogue Fab has helped us do just that.
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    Matt Quillen
    Very good bender! Easy to weld together!
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    Kyle Ray
    This bender has seriously upped my fabrication. It is very accurate and the ability to set the rotation for multiple bends with the clamp locks is incredibly brilliant. Being a vertical bender i use a digital gauge finder and all of my bends come out absolutely perfect! Thank you guys so much for this amazing machine. Kyle
    Reply from Josh Gullatt:
    Joe and I watched your video! Good job and keep up the great work. For anyone seeing tune in to kJ Raycing on youtube and give this guy a follow. - Josh
    7957eaa8 Ae48 46c3 9c95 Ad7e30374773 500x375
    Easy to put together, great quality product.
    20200928 164825 500x375
    Zac Beagan
    I bought the DIY kit with one die a couple years ago, it's been working flawlessly for me. Used it today for a simple build. The Tube Bending tech on the website is very helpful to get started with.
    20190119 171631 Hdr 500x375
    Img 20180202 075541 283 500x500
    20190119 171631 Hdr 500x375
    Donald White
    Ive been using my bender for over 4 years now and it has never let me down. I originally purchased it to build some cages for friends and have continued to do so as a way to being in side money really wish i would have got the car but thats not a deterrent. Add in the upgraded pressure dies and this machine is so much more effective and enjoyable to use.
    Brandon parks
    I used this machine in college I loved how easy it was to use and learn on.
    Steven hunter
    My boss bought the diy bender kit, and well had me put it together lol the set up was a breeze, every piece fit perfectly within each other and the bare metal welded like a dream! All in all with the price of this bender it’s the best bang for the buck out there! After I got it all together I of course had to plat with it a bit and it hangs well with the other top dollar benders!
    Russell Davis
    Sweeet machine. I love how you can set it up for repeat bends for manufacturing. At my work i use the ercolina and it takes sooooo long to set up and the m600 takes minutes. I have learned more about bending from rogue fab videos then i have any other source and with the accessories they have, well the opportunities are endless and what a great price KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
    Eric nisbet
    I have owned this tubing bender for a few years now . I work in a government aerospace fabrication shop and this thing bends just as well if not better than some of the high end tube benders I use at work , rogues customer service is the best also... We were able to figure out what I was doing wrong and correct the problem ... Buying the rogue bender is one of the best purchases I have ever made
    Cory Thurmond
    From bumpers, fenders, to cages this is the best bender on the market for dollar. Vertical bend saves a lot of shop space.
    25fdc3db Cf63 46b7 B19c 810815ab07b8 500x375
    Douglas Cetroni
    The most easy to set up and run tool I’ve bought. Probably the most affordable air over hydraulic bender on the market, tough as nails, and everything came easily ready to weld. Assembly was so easy and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. This thing is built tonight and built right. I needed a tubing bender and they sent me an awesome tubing bender. If you are questioning buying this, just do it and thank me later.
    0723200948a 500x281
    An AWESOME bender! I'm still learning how to use it, but the simplicity of it is amazing. The only issues that I have with it are minor binding under tension, and the springs don't fully retract the ram. First issue would have been solved by getting the pre-welded/painted version, and the second is easy enough to do by hand.
    Chad Samuel
    It was easy to put together, and I really appreciate that this "build it yourself" was even an option for a DIY guy like myself. It was remarkably sturdy once complete, I could find no fault with its construction, and the guys were super friendly when I picked it up (another great customer oriented cost savings). I also can't get over how compact it is for the power it offers.
    This is definitely an excellent bender! Assembly was simple, and the instructions well written. Bends have been accurate and well-formed (I've been bending 1.75 .120 DOM mild steel). No problems or complaints so far!
    4b1635e7 5bfc 49af 9c2b 2f90ca2c226c 252x500
    Stone Skinkle
    Great product, easy to assemble and weld together yourself and fantastic customer service! They actually have people answer the phones unlike most companies. I will be buying more products in the future
    20200418 175705 500x281
    Jason Prokosch
    I was very impressed with how precise the metal was cut. Everything just dropped into place. I also came up with a better way to position the two upright plates equal distance from each other. See picture.
    Jarrod Azbill
    I purchased the hd version a couple months back. I opted for the weld together version. The instructions are great, the laser cut pieces fit perfectly. Ive used other brand benders in the past. This one is by far the easiest to use.
    Michael Landis
    The M600 is a great bender, I've used it to build a stock car cage, make repairs to Micro Sprint cars, and we are currently building our 6th go kart cage for the Perdue Gran Prix. This bender is durable, powerful, and versatile. I don't think I'll ever need another bender unless I go over 2" material.
    Kyle Zittleman
    I searched and searched for a bender with great quality. After talking with Joe I ordered a kit and couldn’t be more happy. The service is top notch. They always answer the phone and are very helpful. Highly recommend this bender and notcher to the beginner and pro.
    Fb Img 1579549941256 500x375
    Jeremy Weber
    Been using the rogue tubing bender to maintain dirt track cars for a few years now. It's a solid piece. Age doesnt show. Its quick and easy to use.
    James Ross
    This thing is tough as nails! I bought it around Christmas 2019. I used it to fab a roll cage in my e36 rally car. Perfect repeatable bends every time. Unfortunately last week my barn caught on fire and destroyed 6 years of work on the rally car, all my tools, and my other race car. The Rogue Fab Tubing Bender is the ONLY surviving tool that I now own. If that doesn't say something about the quality, I don't know what does. This was a weld together kit, went together smoothly, worked great, and survived the biggest loss I've ever had. Thank you Rogue Fab for making such a quality tool. I look forward to purchasing more great tools from you once I rebuild my barn.
    Img 20191227 154803 302 500x500
    Michael Sproch
    I am really impressed with the quality of this bender for the cost. Being that I just use this for personal use the slightly difficult die changes aren't an issue for me.
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    27b57d4b Eb2b 41d0 Aa70 9a8cdc39ac11 375x500
    Jon Weigel
    My brother and myself purchased the 600 and replaced a jd2 with it. The space savings with the free floorspace is worth it alone. It was a little of a learning curve since we were already well practiced with the other tool. Bending vertically vs horizontally helps with work space and work flow as well. The clamping feature for your tubing is a really good for keeping your bends accurate. I would recommend this to everyone looking to get into bending.
    3633c442 0a8b 488c 9b4d Cde6e3ee940c 500x375
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    3633c442 0a8b 488c 9b4d Cde6e3ee940c 500x375
    I borrowed a friends rogue bender and built an “f toy” on a 91 Toyota chassis. I’ve used a few different brand “horizontal” benders before, along with another brand vertical bender. The rogue is the easiest of all of them to use. I have since built a roll cage, bumper, etc all with the same bender and it works flawlessly! -jeff argo
    A97e399c 5dde 4d65 Bafc 7c02f9048b4b 375x500
    37a9fce8 4a78 48bd 9fd5 Ce1dabc25f8b 500x375
    A97e399c 5dde 4d65 Bafc 7c02f9048b4b 375x500
    Brendan Rudack
    I flew into Troutdale in a friends Cessna Cardinal in late November and picked up a M600 weld together kit. The crew at Roguefab was super helpful planning this pickup as package size and weight were critical to fit into the airplane! It al worked out great. Thank you for going the extra mile. I’ve got my tube bender all welded up and I’ve bent up my first couple “cheaters” to aid with my first roll cage project. Weld together assembly was straightforward with the directions and ample YouTube vids. The parts fit together exceptionally well. I used some basic harbor freight magnetic 90’s and a few clamps. Looking forward to using my bender in the new year!
    Screenshot 20191231 183645 243x500
    Danny Wheeler
    The weld together kit came faster than I thought and installing was straight forward. The perfect tool. Amazing is an understatement.
    Jeff alaniz
    Customer service is awesome, I bent a roller pin twice and they replaced the pins and even included a spring to further strengthen the pin after talking over the phone with them. Thanks rogue fab ??
    Grant Garfield
    Bought this bender to build my bug into a baja. Never built the baja bug but I’ve used it for multiple other projects including for making stainless cooling lines for a turbo Subaru swap into the bug. Kit welded together great and works awesome right away. I added some casters to the skids to roll it around on the floor and store it out of the way.
    Craig R Nelson
    I Purchased the Rogue Fab Bender as weld together kit after almost ordering a competitors brand. The ad popped up on Facebook just in the nick of time. It was almost scary. This was an unbelievably easy kit to weld together with all the accurately cut notches in the pieces. I was able to source the hydraulic cylinder at a local harbor freight that had only 2 left so I bought them both! My first project is to bend up an exoskeleton for my Tucker snow cat out of inch and a half square tubing. The bends that this machine makes are awesome. Next I’ll be ordering dies to bend various diameters of round tubing. My advice to anyone considering this tubing bender is to go for it you won’t be disappointed!
    Acc56fad 45cc 47ff A5a1 655c61bcda3b 500x375
    Mike Martin
    Best bender I have ever owned. Weld together kit is seamlessly easy. If you do multiple bends at different axis on the same tube, I would recommend to extra clamp blocks to make the bending process more accurate and faster.
    David Hubbard
    Just picked up my weld together bender kit and 4 dies today. The packaging is very impressive! I can't wait to put this bender together and put it to work.
    Randy Allgood
    We love this bender enough to put our paint guy on it for a little bit. Works awesome.
    Richard Dombrowski
    After seeing first hand the masterpiece my co-worker (IG: built with the Model 600 and the VersaNotcher, I can attest that this is the best bender for any size job. Rogue Fab has allowed many people to create thei dreams!
    Have been shopping for a bender for some time, having back issues the old style manual benders are out, and the cost of the old style benders and to convert to hydraulic makes no sense, after seeing a rogue 600 bender in use, I will be saving for one of these of my own (and adding to my Christmas wish list!)
    Zack Truck 277 500x333
    Scott Sullivan
    My 21 year old son just finished his ex-o-cage on his 84 Toyota crawler, using your 600 bender with 1-3/4 die and your tubing notcher he bought from you and it looks awesome. This was the first time he ever tried to do this kind of work and your bender and notcher preformed great even for a novice. I am trying to find a way to send you pictures because I think this would be great promo for Rogue Fab. Thanks for making such a great product that really works as advertised and that even a beginner can get professional results. Thanks again. Scott and Zach Sullivan
    Be5136f3 D295 4996 B521 18b616560dab 500x375
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    Be5136f3 D295 4996 B521 18b616560dab 500x375
    Kris Jaggers
    The M600 is extremely easy to use and very capable of anything a hobbyist is willing to throw at it, and even professional shops. I built a roll cage, tube front end, and bumpers with the one I use and the only issue I’ve ever had is remembering which side of the mark to put the block on. I recommend this bender to anyone looking to purchase one for their use.
    Used the M600 at the last company I worked for and loved it. Very clean uniform bends that don’t mark up or scar the material. The vertical operation saves floor space and allows the ability for easy mounting.
    First Bend 500x500
    Zach Frederick
    My main purpose for the bender is to make bash bars and roll cages for grassroots drift and race cars. With this in mind, I got the standard M600 with pressure roller dies in sizes 1.5x4.5 CLR & 1.75x6 CLR. By varying the thickness of 1.75 DOM, cages can be made for a wide range of cars that will fulfill NASA and SCCA rules, with just one die!
    F9b46a99 8cef 4752 Bd6d A4b54aef4c7a 500x375
    Robert Martinson
    100% could not be any happier with my bender. The sales team and customer service departments where top notch and very helpful with any questions and or problems I had. I would recommend them and their bender any time
    I bought this for my newly acquired kit aircraft business, as it was the only tubing bender I could find that could handle the thick wall 4130 I need to bend for the nose gear strut of the Thatcher aircraft. It was easy to weld up, had great instructions, the pieces fit together perfectly! The first part I bent, after accounting for springback came out perfect! I'm thrilled with it, and the price was amazing for the quality! I couldn't be happier with my purchase! In addition, the guys were super helpful on the phone with a few questions prior to purchase, and were able to accommodate my request for a non-standard size die-set and still have it delivered in about a week! Thanks guys!
    Fred Frederiksen
    Bought the model 600 weld together kit a few months ago. I love this machine! I received in a professionally packed box. Heavy one. haha. Got it welded together in about an hour and took it to my powdercoater. Building my Rzr cage with it at the moment. Great deal for this high end of equipment.
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