We’re giving away a $760 tubing bender!
Or $700 in credit towards dies or a mandrel attachment!

Just for fun: Ryan Kelby also got a hat for free!

You can enter for FREE or easily by just buying swag from us! You have GREAT odds for winning these! This isn’t like those typical social media giveaways where there are ten thousand people entering! We gave away a slightly less expensive bender last month, and only 87 people entered!

HOW TO ENTER: Either of these 2 things gets you entered. They add up if you do more than one!
1. Buy anything in our swag category at https://www.roguefab.com/product-category/swag/ – you will get an entry for every $5 you spend, rounded up by up to 99 cents to the nearest 5 dollar increment.
2. Take a photo of yourself with your RogueFab products (shirt, tools, etc) and post it to FaceBook or Instagram with the hashtags #imgoingrogue and #rogueworld and we will enter you into the drawing. If you don’t yet own any RogueFab products, you can do the same photo by holding up a screen or photo showing the products you WANT to buy. Edited combinations like a collage or drag-n-drop photo editing don’t count. We are looking for a selfie.

You can enter an unlimited number of times in option 1. Option 2 is limited to 1 entry per person. Our shirts, banners, stickers, sweatshirts, and bottle openers make great gifts. We even added a new product again this month (a steel 4.5″ machine logo), go to the swag category to check it out!

We need your help to spread the word about our brand and our awesome tools and resources that help fabricators be successful! Please feel free to share this post! The more entries we get, the bigger prizes we will be giving away!!!


We will draw a winner live on Facebook at 8:00 AM PST on Friday, February 1ST. That person can chose any configuration of our M600 tubing bender that is priced at $760 (like a standard capacity M600 with pressure roller die upgrade and a 1.50×4.5 CLR die). They may instead elect to take $760 off any product in our store which contains an M600 tubing bender (so you could pay the difference to get an M600 xHD, or order an elite package with $760 off, etc). You could also take $700 in credit on dies or a mandrel attachment. Shipping IS NOT included.

We will be doing giveaways like this EVERY month as long as you guys and gals participate! Let’s get excited about it! Last month was a tube notcher, this is WAY bigger!

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Void where prohibited. No cash back given. No cash value. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be 18 years old to enter.