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1.5 HP Electric/Hydraulic Power System & Components for M600 Series Bender


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Electric/Hydraulic is the more expensive of the 2 ways you can power a model 600 series tubing bender.
Currently lead time is Approx. 1 week.

This 3000 PSI electric/hydraulic system was fully engineered to work with our bender. It features a 1.5 induction motor, hydraulic pump and steel reservoir, and a custom ram made for the M600 series bender. This is the most affordable COMPLETE electric hydraulic power system on the market for a tubing bender. We assemble these systems right here in the US with 99% of the components being sourced from North America and Europe (except the 1.5 HP power unit assembly, these are direct import).

Bending speed: 3.5 degrees per second. This is about 3.3X the speed of an air powered system. This is fixed speed in both directions. Return speed is about 20% faster than extend (bending) speed. This unit is powered in both directions, unlike the power systems most of our competitors import whole and resell!


This is a great choice to bend nearly everything in the capacity range of the model 600 series benders, and do it FAST! The 9 ton system has even more power, and is a sensible choice if you need to bend 2.00 x .188+ wall DOM, or 1.75x..250 wall DOM, or 1.5 x .250 square tube. Using buttons to bend at high speed is more challenging for accuracy.

*POWER UNIT: Our 1.5 HP power units have a 10 ft power cord and come installed with a NEMA 10-50 plug. They carry a 90/30 day warranty (home/business), and are imported. They have a 2 button pendant control and are power in and power out (2 directional hydraulics).

*PRECISION AUTO STOP KIT- Not currently offered on the 1.5 HP system. The 2HP system allows this option.

*CART BRACKETS: Just like you would expect, these allow you to hang your hydraulic power unit under the carts that we sell. Simple nuts and bolts installation once you drill 3 holes into your bender storage cart. Brackets are CNC laser cut P&O steel and formed on a CNC press brake. Black powder coat finish. Slotted holes throughout for easy adjustment and flexibility of installation based on hole placement. If you select our bracket system with the 1.5HP power unit, a large mounting tray is also part of the mounting system, which is necessary due to the hardware layout on the 1.5 HP power unit.

Notes- This cylinder and auto stop doesn’t fit in the machine with the Thin Wall Attachment (TWA). The thin wall attachment is no longer offered.


This system was designed from the ground up to be the optimal power source for our tubing bender. It is compatible with all revisions of our tubing bender. If you are tired of having operators in your shop scraping tube and valuable parts, this solution can pay for itself in scrap reduction! DOM and stainless tubing costs money, and so does time. This upgrade saves both.

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We use our electric/hydraulic system in this video when we teach novices how easy our setup is to use. Let us show you in under 7 minutes:

***We don’t have any video of the 1.5HP system in action YET, but subscribe to our channel, we definitely will some day! Enjoy these videos of our 2.0 HP system, which is only slightly faster***

Want to see a whole project from start to finish, and even more bending tricks that are 100% unique to our design? Watch this video:

Here is a video showing how to make a roll bar (And using the 2 HP electric hydraulic system):


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