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Bend-Tech PRO 7x bending software. Comes with full support from Bend-Tech, and also comes with support from us here at RogueFab. We do not support software you purchased from a 3rd party. Click here for more info on Bend Tech software (scroll to the section called “bending 102”. Bend Tech is a CAD system that has the unique ability to output actual manufacturing instructions. This software will show you your design, allow you to edit it, and then print truly easy-to-follow instructions on how to product your design on the tubing bender you have from us (like an M625, for example). BendTech can possibly be used on your iPad, using a windows emulator, or a remote desktop. This is not guaranteed.

Basics on Bend Tech:

Bend Tech EZ: If you are planning to bend just a few parts in a year and the parts are 2D single parts, then EZ may do the trick.

Bend Tech EZ3D: If you need a few single parts bent with rotation between bends, EZ3D is a start. EZ3D is also useful if you won’t be fabricating multiple tube assemblies such as roll cages, bumpers, etc. The big deal – 3D parts made accurately.

Bend Tech PRO: If you are designing chassis, roll cages, rock sliders, frames or anything from single parts to multiple tubing assembly then Bend-Tech PRO is where you want to start.  The big deal – full assemblies and notching.

Bend Tech SE: The SE (standard edition) commercial software for tube & pipe design/ manufacturing. If tube bending is part of your company’s business or you are serious about tube bending, then Bend-Tech SE is where you want to start. The big deal: Everything in PRO, plus export to CAD systems! The Standard Edition software includes the Large Radius Module already

Bend Tech SE Triple Bundle: This is Bend Tech SE with YOUR CHOICE OF 3 modules. These include Sheet Metal (designer), Sheet Metal Templates, Roll Cage Templates, Armor Pack Templates, Header Designer, and Exhaust Designer.

Bend Tech SE Master Bundle (Comes with LR Module) and:

  • Sheet Metal Designer
  • Sheet Metal Templates
  • Roll Cage Templates
  • Armor Pack Templates
  • Header Designer
  • Exhaust Designer

Please NOTE: When buying this Master Bundle you WILL NOT receive Solid Works plug-in or the Hand Rail Module you will need to purchase those separately.

2 reviews for Bend Tech Tube Bending Software

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    Steven Stafford
    I purchased the Bend-Tech SE software and all the modules it has to offer. I use this software on every project I do! It not only simplifies bending but it also give me an edge up on the competition because I can show customers what they are getting before even one bend is made! It reduces/eliminated scrap. The cutting wrappers are awesome if you have atlas a hand torch!!! I believe this product doubles or triples my output!
    Matt Lorenzano
    I purchased a NHRA kit from Rogue fab and the Bendtech software takes the guess work out of building cages. It is simple to set up with the Rogue Fab bender and is a huge $$ saver in materials.
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