3 Inch Deep Hole Saws for Tube Notching, M42 Bi-Metal


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    .6 lbs

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    2 × 2 × 1 in


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Looking for a higher TPI (Tooth Per Inch): Click Me

Finally, you can notch without a grinder! These are excellent quality bi-metal hole saws at a great price (compare to other 3-inch deep hole saws at over $50 a piece!). Stock up and be prepared for any notching job, even off-angle. SEE NOTES – READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION.

*High-Quality M42 HSS teeth stay sharp

*Bi-Metal Construction for safety/longevity and shatter resistance

*4/6 TPI variable pitch

*Extra Deep 3.0″ cutting depth

*5/8-18 threads on 1 1/4″ cutting diameter and larger (so each one of these deep saws uses our standard “Large” arbors)

These are our design and they are imported.


The max angle you can notch (from perpendicular, like a “T” notch) on each saw, at the end of the tube (like you would normally notch), without using a grinder like you always have:

1.50 – 60 degrees

1.625 – 57 degrees

1.75 – 54 degrees

2.00 – 48 degrees

Fitment notes- These work with many notchers (they have the same threads as any other hole saw). Check your notcher to see if you have room to run these. On our VersaNotcher, we recommend an extended frame, which we sell. All notchers are shipping with this extended frame standard as of the release of these longer-hole saws.


8 reviews for 3 Inch Deep Hole Saws for Tube Notching, M42 Bi-Metal

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    ChristopherA Clarke
    These guys cut great...That extra inch goes a mile!
    20231008 130702
    Rick Baker
    These hole saws chew right tooth 1/4" material with ease.
    Helen Hoppe
    Thanks for making these deep hole saws. It makes the job easier and more productive!
    Cut like butter. used all the name brands, really like these ones. the deep is super handy too, no need to use a grinder to finish off the notch.
    I was really struggling with my tubing notcher using standard hole saws because they would almost always bottom out. These solved that problem and last a long time. GREAT product!
    Roger Harris
    Thank you for making these the are perfect for versa notcher on bends have 3"&4"
    This thing makes notching a hole lot more productive. Sure there are limits but we can now make longer cuts and punch through more material.
    Eric Brown
    Prior to finding these hole saws, I was severely limited in the angle and depth of notch. I was building a stair rail and was unable to notch the tubing completely with the "standard" hole saws available. Had I known about these I would have eliminated the frustration of trimming, grinding, filing, and would have had better fit-up.
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