Air/Hydraulic Cylinder for M601-M625 Bender (Rogue Fab brand)

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This is the least expensive of the 2 ways you can power a model 600 series tubing bender. This is an air/hydraulic ram (It takes in compressed air and uses a small pump to convert that energy to high pressure hydraulic flow to power the cylinder).This is ready to use right out of the box. They ship assembled with air pump and hose. Specs: 17.5″ travel, 23 3/4″ collapsed length, 5/8″ mounting holes. This cylinder is power extend ONLY. Our M600 bender includes a custom bracket and custom CNC-wound zinc plated ASTM PW steel return springs for reliable return of this exact cylinder. When we sell these cylinders, we check the oil lever and top them off as needed, make sure they don’t leak, verify that the return force is within our specifications, and then we also add our CNC machined release knob to the hydraulic valve. All the parts we make the attach to this cylinder are made here in the USA.

We have 3 suppliers for these cylinders. You will get one of them. They are as follows:

  1. Northern Tool, PN 46200. NOTE- These are RED. These are the ones we are shipping starting in September 2020. We are quality inspecting them at 100%.
  2. Harbor Freight PN 56215 (RED, currently discontinued by the manufacturer) or 94562 (ORANGE, No longer in production, identical to 56215 other than packaging and paint color). Our photo shows the orange one. These will likely return with some slight changes like color, but we are not 100% sure.
  3. Rogue Fab imported PN 1194 (BLACK). This company does not sell to the public. These are made for us overseas.

Important note – This is the only major component of the M600 series bender that is imported. If you want a high quality, custom hydraulic solution to go with your bender, we offer (2) different electric/hydraulic power systems that are excellent. If you wish to buy the hydraulic cylinder yourself to save money, we absolutely encourage you to buy of the cylinders listed here directly from the distributors we purchase them from (that is precisely why we told you who sells them and the correct part number).

Air requirements – These cylinders all consume about 6 CFM of compressed air at 110 psi while operating. They will run at lower pressures and make less force, and they will run at lower CFM and run slower. We recommend a 6+ CFM air compressor that can make 125 psi (set to 115-120). A 30+ gallon tank is recommended, but again, smaller will work (it will just cycle a lot more). We also recommend an “iron front” and oiled compressor. The new “oiless” ones are not reliable long term in our opinion.

1 review for Air/Hydraulic Cylinder for M601-M625 Bender (Rogue Fab brand)

    Roger Harris
    Order with my tradesman kit on cyber monday 2021 came in thursday in perfet condition keep up the great fast work
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