A450 Tubing Bender – Automated 90 degree machine


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  • Weight:

    750 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    46 × 46 × 46 in

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The model A450 tubing bender clamps, bends, un-clamps, and returns to home for reloading material with the push of ONE button in just 19 SECONDS! This machine is specifically designed for the agriculture and plumbing industry, but works great in any application of 1.315″ OD or smaller where you need to bend 90 degree pieces as fast as possible. These machines are perfect for use in irrigation system manufacturing. This machine can operate on material as short as 12″, and can accommodate longer material if needed. Enjoy and profit from the benefits of clean high flowing bends, without the hassles of a slow machine.

This machine comes fully assembled as shown on a cart with a full hydraulic system. The system is 2 speed (you will notice in our video that the machine bends at one speed and returns at a much higher rate). The hydraulics system must be run on 240v or 480v 3 phase power at 60hz. It cannot be run on single phase or 50hz. Standard HP for the machine is 3HP.

This machine comes with 3/4″ pipe and 1″ pipe dies by default. You can chose any pair of dies you would like, as long as they are 1.315″ or smaller. Spare parts lists, wiring diagrams, and operation instructions are included with purchase. Covered by a 1 year warranty, parts only. After warranty, you still have free lifetime tech support, including repair advice and parts sourcing help.

These machines are large and complex, and are built to order. Please allow 4-8 months for delivery. If you need one sooner, contact us so we can pursue options and costs for faster production with our parts suppliers.

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