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Note- We are accepting bending service jobs on a case by case basis in an effort to maintain our industry-leading shipping lead times on tube bending equipment. Our primary business is selling the tools that bend tubing. Bending for customers is secondary. Thank you for understanding.

All tolerances are +/- 1 degree per bend, and +/- 2.5 degrees of rotation between bends. Bend placement is within 1/8″. Ends are saw cut and deburred.

The regular setup costs are for dies and mandrels we already have in stock (see our dies and mandrels where they are sold on our web page for which ones we regularly stock). If your application requires custom machined dies, mandrels, clamps, or pressure dies, the cost to setup includes having us machine custom parts.

This does NOT include tubing. You you will have to buy material from us. In some rare cases, we ask you to provide the tube/pipe/bar (which cannot have any adhesive on it, like tape). We have a separate listing for material, which is roughly inline with other small-quantity steel distributors.

How to order:

  1. Add all the bends to your cart (if you have 2 parts with 1 bend each that is 2 bends. If you have 2 parts with 2 bends each that is 4 bends… get it?).
  2. Add a setup charge to your cart for every material you are bending. If you are bending 1.00 x .049 and you are also bending 1.25 x .065, that is 2 setup charges.
  3. Add material to your cart (separate product listing) for the bends you want to have us produce
  4. You will have to e-mail us a drawing unless you want us to bend it however we want.
  5. Shipping is additional and will be added to order, shipping will be dependent upon material size and length. Our shopping cart will not likely charge correct shipping, since it doesn’t know what your design will yield for shipping size. We will refund overcharged shipping or contact you for additional charges on shipping. If shipping is too expensive, orders may be cancelled and refunded 100% (we aren’t trying to surprise anyone with shipping).

Please call or e-mail us with any questions.


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