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Clamp block for Bender/Die

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This item is the split-clamp block that comes with any die set for our bender. These come with every die set, but many customers order additional ones. Having additional clamp blocks is great for:

*Leaving them on bends (so you can tweak them without worrying where to re-install the clamp block)
*Having an operator set clamps while another runs the machine to speed up production
*Using extra clamp blocks to mount your bend index gage (sold in the “Bender” section of our page)

7 reviews for Clamp block for Bender/Die

    Greg F
    Adding a couple more clamp blocks allows me to make and layout more complex bends with ease. Will certainly have to invest in more clamp blocks for different size materials in the future.
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    Dustin DePriest
    I got extra clamp blocks to make the bending process go smoother. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these in the future. These blocks are built to last forever
    You want cost effective productivity, right? Buy more clamps. Just do it. These are pretty solid. Even the ones I beat on and screw up with, are still holding tight.
    I am really pleased with the quality of the tube bender. Moves Harley tube stock with ease. It's great that I can build out my die and clamps over time. Buy them when I need them for a job and the job funds the purchase.
    Jason Dean
    Its great that these are available separately. I love having extras to clamp to the tube on single plain projects to keep the bends square to each other. As always fast shipping and great customer service!
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    Christopher Dallas
    The more the better! I have 5 total and wouldn't mind having another 7. When doing complicated bends for A-pillar main hoops I like to layout all my bends and clamp them down and get it all done in one swoop. Eventually I'll get a few more that way I can lay out both hoops at the same time and bang'em out at the same time. Not necessary but makes things a lot easier and faster. Also very nice assuring everything is on the same plain.
    Rob Vince
    These blocks are what makes this bender worth its weight in gold. The ability to bend then test fit, then reload into the bender for more bending is incredible. Also, clamping multiple clamps onto one piece, making sure all bends are perfectly placed before starting the 1st bend. Makes for perfect fitting components everytime.
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