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This is an hour of consulting from a member of our senior staff here at Rogue Fabrication. In general, we provide a small amount of consulting free of charge with any tool purchase, at our discretion and proportional to amount spent. Consulting is not product support (it is beyond that!). All products include lifetime free support.

We can consult in the following topics:


  • Teach: We will teach you how to figure out for yourself how to make designs. This allows you to eventually be able to do design work yourself.
  • Solve: We take your input (like a description or a sketch), and give you the design (like formal drawings).

Notes about design: We cannot provide specific advice on life saving structures, like roll cages. Even if we know the answer, that is work done by consulting engineering firms with specific training and experience in the field of vehicle crash dynamics.


  • Teach: We will teach you how to figure out for yourself how to manufacture parts from designs. This allows you to eventually be able to do this work yourself.
  • Solve: We take a design (like a part drawing or model), and give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to manufacture the part on equipment you purchased from us. This would include cut length, bend locations (and clamp block placement), and rotation between bends.

Notes about manufacturing: This service includes a focus on manufacturability analysis. We employ the methods taught in our tech section to determine that a design can be made in one piece prior to developing manufacturing instructions. The design MUST be of your creation of you must have written permission to manufacture from the owner. We will not aid in any “reverse engineering” projects.


  • Teach: We can assist with nearly any business related questions you have. This can include methods for quoting jobs, supplier relations, sourcing, dealing with problem customers, etc. If we aren’t a good fit to field your questions, we will let you know right away.


If you are having trouble using a tool to do the job it was meant to do, that is likely product support! Just call or e mail us and we will help you out right away!


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