FLAKFINGER Adjustable Welding Heat Shield “SWAG”


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  • Weight:

    .5 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    6 × 4 × 1 in

  • Size:

    Large, Medium, X-Large


Every TIG welder knows that hand protection can be a balancing act — the need for finger control and finesse at odds with the need for heat resistance. Black Stallion solves the problem with their FlakFinger heat-shielding sleeve that keeps your fingers cool and comfortable while moving the puddle along. FlakFinger is one size fits all.

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1 review for FLAKFINGER Adjustable Welding Heat Shield “SWAG”

    Noel Hendrickson
    I was burning the outside fingers of my glove and occasionally badly burnt those fingers until I got this heat shield. These things are great! Easy to use and move per project position, ample room for one finger in any glove, I would just like to see another version out that would more easily fit over little finger and the next one in. I realize I have thick fingers but I would think others experience this as well.
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