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*If you own a RogueFab M600HD, M600XHD, M605 or M625 YOU ALREADY HAVE THIS! This kit is to convert a Standard m600 or m605 to a M600HD or M605*

Compatibility: This works on the Harbor Freight air/hydraulic cylinder PN 56215, and also on the Northern Tool Cylinder #46200. Choose the correct application please.

This adapts your tubing bender so that the pins will be supported well enough to bend 1.75x.250 DOM tube! or solid HR round bar! Great for other heavy wall and high strength materials too. This is ONLY for air/hydraulic applications. It is not compatible and completely unnecessary on our electric/hydraulic powered machines. It also has the benefit of making your machine bend 94 degrees in one ram cycle so you can bend a 90 and spring back in many cases without re-pinning the ram. Without this kit the machine only bends to 88 degrees gross.

IMPORTANT! – An additional pressure die is required for HD applications, and you must order them separately. One for each tube size that you want HD capacity in. See “ordering example” tab for more detail on how to order. You can use any 2 pressure dies you want for HD bending, 2 rollers, 2 standard pressure dies, one of each, etc.. For a complete range of wall thicknesses that require an HD kit, please visit our Wall Thickness Chart (LINK).

Why would I want this: You must use this on ANY material that is said to require it in our master wall thickness capacity chart. If you do not, you will bend at least 1 pin in the machine, and be responsible for the damage. This also makes the ram 1.25″ longer, increasing machine travel by several degrees (which you may want).

Why wouldn’t I want this: If you are only bending .120 wall DOM tube and are happy with your ram travel length, this will not make the machine work any better or last longer. If you are buying the M605 or M625 it already comes with this.

Note: This must be temporarily removed from your machine while using a Thin Wall Attachment (TWA) if equipped (the TWA is discontinued). This also works on the old HR ram, PN 94562.

Ordering Example

Still lost? We’re so sorry. Follow this example, it will make more sense, we promise!

Let’s say you want to bend 1.25 x .250, 1.50 x .250, and 1.75x.250. You already have a bender and ONLY a 1 inch die set, and want to add 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75. You are smart, so you go check out the master bending thickness chart. You see that on the line for 1.25, the standard M600 can bend up to .250 with no HD kit. You also see that the 1.50 line goes up to .250 in the m600 HD column. the 1.75 line is the same, .250 is listed in the m600 HD column. So you need HD kits for both the 1.50 and 1.75, but not the 1.25.

So you add the “HD kit” to your cart (this item right here, $65). You also go back to the dies page and order an additional 1.50 and 1.75 pressure dies for $15 each. You don’t need an additional pressure die for 1.25 because it doesn’t require an HD kit in this example, as the wall thickness chart indicated. You of course also go get the actual die sets for all 3 sizes.

If it’s still not clear, e mail us and ask us for help.

3 reviews for HD kit for m600/601 tube bender

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    Got this mainly to be able to bend 90° With one ram stroke. Works great. Definitely a good upgrade looks and functions great!
    Ryan Allison
    This really helps tighten up the regular model and makes it perform better. Definitely need to buy this.
    Brendan Rudack
    I believe I have the new improved version of this as it is a machining vs weldment (as pictured). I primarily got this for one reason, the increased ram travel to be able to bend 90 degrees in one motion. I was successfully able to do this on 1.75" x 0.095" wall DOM tubing which is awesome. The part is very well made, fits the Northern Tool 46200 hydraulic Ram and supports the full pin width as advertised to prevent deforming the pin while bending heaver wall thickness materials.
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