Bend & Mandrel Position Measurement Tool


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  • Weight:

    1.4 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    10 × 4 × .25 in


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This is a very handy tool to have. This puts a hard flat edge on any M600 tubing and pipe bender made after 2015, and allows you to measure from EXACTLY where the bend is going to start. You can use this tool to measure from bend start to another bend (if you have tubing in the machine), or you can measure to the mandrel nose for precision positioning of mandrels within the machine. This tool works on standard, HD, xHD, 601, 605 and 625 versions of the M600. It is compatible with all attachments. This tool can hook to nearly everything we sell! Hang it from our cart hooks, hook it onto our beast rack or die racks, or even our offset bracket for the VersaNotcher. You can always keep this within arm’s reach when you combine our storage system and easy to use tools in your shop.

Precision CNC laser cut in Oregon from domestically produced P&O steel. Yellow zinc plated for corrosion resistance. In stock and shipping the day after you order in most cases.

2 reviews for Bend & Mandrel Position Measurement Tool

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    Axis Metal Wërks
    Full video review @ This tool while it looks deceptively simple is incredibly useful. Knowing exactly where your bend starts will save you both Tim and money. Check my video on Instagram about the tool itself. It's the best bang for your buck. I have all the tools to make this but I couldn't do it for anywhere near the cost Rogue Fab is getting them out there at. It's super heavy duty, anodized steel and it's thick. This thing is meant to go the distance.
    Alex Fornal
    Works great, makes life easy when first starting out to visualize where the bend will start.
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