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Patented under USPTO 11478838

This extends your mandrel 2.0 to be able to bend full 20 foot sticks right in the middle! This is ideal for thin walled handrails, boiler and brewery tank plumbing, wake towers, and mandrel bending rails for yachts and other boats. It can be used to bend ANYTHING thin walled where our regular mandrel is not long enough to get the job done. Please keep in mind that our original mandrel attachment was already designed with motorsports applications in mind and can bend nearly every single roll cage, chassis, and motorsports application/design with complete ease. You will not need this to build roll cages.


What you will need to use this:

-Compatible tubing bender (M600 HD, M600 xHD, M605, or M625)

-Mandrel Attachment 2.0 for your tubing bender


What this does: This mounts BETWEEN your bender and your mandrel extension and doubles it’s length.


What is included:

Extension Only: This includes all hardware and brackets that attach to the mandrel extension, as well as any necessary hardware and a second mandrel rod. You may choose between a 1/2″ mandrel rod and a 3/4″ mandrel rod. The 3/4″ Mandrel rod covers applications down to 1 1/4″ OD tubing.

Cart Section Only: Parts to add the cart legs to just your mandrel extension.

COMPLETE PACAKGE: Mandrel extension with all hardware and brackets, cart extension/section as shown in photos, BOTH the 3/4″ and 1/2″ mandrel rods, as well as one of our wall racks, one of our wall-mount drip trays, and beautiful o-ring-sealed anodized caps for both rods. All parts are plated or powder coated except the mandrel rods. This includes what is required to move/extend the lubrication system from your mandrel 2.0. This doesn’t include the pump, as that pump is part of the mandrel attachment (see listing for our mandrel attachment here).

For a listing of all the materials this mandrel system can bend, see our capacity chart.

For videos, tech info, and free calculators on how to bend tubing, see our tech section.



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