Mandrel Attachment for M600 Tubing Bender, Version 2.0


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Convert any M600 Tubing Bender into a true mandrel bender! This attachment features CNC Laser cut and formed A36 steel frame components for accuracy and rigidity. The huge 1″ ACME drive screw extracts the mandrel with absolute ease. If you chose to upgrade your mandrel attachment to include our thru-mandrel lubrication injection system, you will enjoy longer mandrel life and even higher bending performance.

This system is adjustable (up and down) to accommodate 2.5 CLR, 3.5 CLR, 4.5 CLR, and 6.0 CLR dies. The mandrel position is adjustable front to back to precision tune your bend, just like on large $100K plus mandrel benders. Mandrel position can be saved with an acme locknut for effortless repeat positioning. This attachment is meant to be used with our high nickel bronze alloy mandrels, which are a high strength industrial mandrel featuring good surface lubricity (again, just like on the $100K+ industrial machines).

This allows you to bend thin walled titanium, stainless exhaust components, header elbows, turbo manifold tubes, and more with ease. We keep accurate records of all of our testing and what position the mandrel is in so you can leverage our experience and expertise into your own success and profit. This attachment makes the RogueFab Model 600 the most affordable mandrel bender in the world that can bend over 1 inch OD steel tubing. And it’s all made right here in the USA, from the mandrels to the frame components and machined parts to the ACME screw. Only limited hardware components are imported. The max diameter is still 2 inches, the same as the model 600 without this attachment.

What is new in version 2.0? We will start shipping version 2.0 in late December 2019. The frame has many new features to allow the attachment to be expanded into even higher wall ratios (thinner tubing), and lower D bends (tighter bend radii). It will also be able to be adapted for increased rigidity over version 1.0, and also be able to bend on a much wider variety of bend radii (not just 2.5/3.5/4.5/6.0). All the exact details on how these new features will be utilized will be released when we have concluded testing.

No mandrels are included. Please return to the bender products category to shop for mandrels.

Click the “more information” tab above this section for crystal clear details on exactly what you need to use this attachment. We try our best to make easy to understand requirements, so take a minute to review them and more forward well informed.

More Information

We have been designing machines to use this mandrel attachment for years, but not since the beginning of our company and machine design. Please read this whole page to understand exactly what you need to use the mandrel attachment.

The mandrel attachment requires a working M600 bender, with an HD kit installed, and a roller pressure die for the tubing you plan to bend (2 pressure dies needed if you’re using a 6 inch bend radius die). You will also need specific roller pressure dies for any material 1.75″ or larger, or for combo dies (these are for sale on the dies page of our store). Most of our pressure dies made in mid 2019 or later are mandrel-compatible. We have to machine the edges down to clear the hardware that mounts the mandrel attachment. If you want to do this yourself on a lathe, let us know, we can tell you how.


Machines that are compatible with mandrel with no frame mods – all machines WITH a hole where the arrow below is pointing. This is all machines (standard and xHD) made after the middle of 2016 or so.

Machines compatible with mandrel with simple mods – all machines WITHOUT a hole where the arrow below is pointing. This is all machines (standard and xHD) made from November 2014 until the middle of 2016 or so. We will make retrofit kits that will include weld on tabs and templates for these machines.

mandrel tubing bender frame

Here is a Model 600 from back in mid 2014. This machine can work with the mandrel attachment, but with modifications (we haven’t developed a retrofit kit yet). This will only work with 3.5 and 4.5 CLR dies, not 6.0 with the mandrel.

mandrel tubing bender frame


This may work with the TWA (thin wall attachment), but we don’t recommend it. It isn’t necessary.

This doesn’t work with the Backstop assembly, as they attach in the same place.

This works on our carts.

This works with all of our electric/hydraulic power systems.

This works on xHD and HD machines.

This works with our pedestal mount on our cart with a Versanotcher, but ONLY when you have our offset bracket installed (see VersaNotcher listings in our store for the offset bracket).


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