RogueFab 2″ Steel RF Logo




Set your machine apart. Show off that it was made by the most innovative tool company in the US. Tell the world that you care your tools perform as well as you do.

This killer logo is CNC laser cut here in Oregon from domestically produced steel.

Included in this package:
The cool 3inch powder coated steel logo (duh)
(2) stainless steel #8-32 flat head (countersink) screws
(2) Military spec washers. Cadmium plated steel. (see below**)

Optional (choose above):
#29 drill bit, for tapping #8-32 threads
#8-32 High quality gun tap, 2 flute, TiCN coated
*This is the stuff you’ll need to drill and tap your M600 tubing bender frame for installation. Or the hood of your car.

*This item is considered “RogueFab Swag”, and qualifies to enter you into any giveaway that allows swag purchase as a form of entry. In layman’s terms, buy this and you may win free stuff. For our current giveaway, click here:

** The owner/engineer here is a SERIOUS hardware nerd. We should consider putting him in a recovery program of some kind. Mil-spec washers are actually precision controlled for thickness, making sure that your logo is uniformly spaced from the surface you screw it to.


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