Bender Upgrades Package




All of our most popular upgrade pieces in one package! To see all accessory options go to the bender accessories and customization page in our products tab.

Upgraded Degree Indicator:  Comes with all hardware. Uses one tapped hole in the machine, and one more has to be tapped 1/4-28 (hole is already in your machine). Add the tap if you need one! Nearly all parts are made in the USA (Tap, springs, washers, pointer, and plating are done in the USA). Precision CNC laser cut from domestic P&O steel. The M600 comes with an affordable degree pointer – no matter if you get a kit or a package. This is an optional upgrade.
Tube Rotation/Index Gauges:  These tools are fantastic for making complex tubework accurately and easily! Now if you can think it, you can bend it! And if you use Bend Tech software, “tube rotation between bends” is one of the outputs, which you now have a gauge for! The cube can read in degrees (down to .05 degrees resolution), and also in % incline and inches/ft. When you have two bends in a part and they aren’t in the same plane (3D), this is how you accurately put them at 30 degrees apart.

Angle Cube – Backlit LCD screen, resolution of 0.05 degrees. Magnetic base. Can be set to zero at any angle. Reads angle from zero to 90 degrees and then starts over again at zero (so a 110 degree bend will read 20… it’s quick to get used to). Imported. runs on 2 AAA batteries, sold separately. Includes small soft case to protect it when not in use.

Tube Mount – These clamps are ergonomic, compact, and rigid. This slip-on tube clamp can be slid onto tubing up to 2.375″ OD and provides 2 surfaces 90 degrees apart to set the magnetic angle cube.  This clamp is fast to set, and clamps very well on bends if needed. Made in the USA here at our shop! Ships powder coated.

Top Plate – This simple laser cut plate allows the angle cube to be placed on a standard RogueFab clamp block in either orientation (to read bend angle or tube rotation). This can be a handy backup to the analog gauge on the machine for bend angle, and it can also be used just like the clamp mount in this kit to indicate tube rotation. Aluminum clamp block sold separately (see our tube bender dies area ). Made in the USA. Ships powder coated.

Breakaway Die Change Pin: Knob is precision CNC machined from US-produced billet 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum here in the USA. They are Type II Anodized here in Oregon and assembled complete with set screw and high yield strength Delrin with a precisely controlled outside diameter, perfect for us changing dies in your M600. Our M600 Tubing Bender has a VERY easy die change process that uses one of the die pins to pivot all the heavy parts of the machine and allow very easy die changes (see “VIDEOS” section for the process). The only downside to this process is that if you get interrupted and are using one of our faster hydraulics systems, it is not hard to accidentally run the machine locked! This will bend your bend wheels in a hurry. We have a simple solution, a brittle Delrin pin that breaks before your bend wheels are ruined. Even better, you can buy just the part that breaks to make a mistake cost you even less!


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