TRADESMAN M600 Bender Cart


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  • Weight:

    105 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    31 × 22 × 5 in


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***Appearance notes: We are in the process of changing from a bolt-on steel lower shelf to an easier-to-assemble lower shelf that looks nearly the same, but has the frame structure incorporated into the shelf. Once this change is made, the whole cart will be hammered grey (shelves won’t be black anymore).

These are awesome carts for our tubing benders. The Tradesman model comes ready to be welded or welded and powder coated (as of 2/24/2022, we may be painting these in hammered grey instead of powder coating them due to national powder coat supply issues), and loaded with excellent features like:

Ultra Heavy duty ball bearing casters with locking 5″ wheels, and pivot locks. These are nicer than the casters on $3K tool boxes.
Heavy steel construction (these weigh about 85#!)
Massive 1200#+ load capacity
Hooks for wrenches (3)
locks and clamps to secure our tubing bender
Lower shelf if CNC laser cut from structural steel and formed on a CNC press brake
Every part is made in the USA except the nuts/bolts/wheels.

Add the VersaNotcher Pedestal Mount to mount your notcher to your cart as well! NOTE- Many of the images show our ELITE cart (not the Tradesman). Look at the first image to see what the tradesman cart looks like. Our dimensional photos, rack compatibility photos, and bender scale/fitment photos are great ways to see what all of our carts can do, but they may show additional options and may show the ELITE cart, not the Tradesman.

Machine Dimensions:

M6xx tubing bender: (assembled, ready to bend): 12”x30” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 12”x47”x32” (LxWxH). Weight 140-200 lbs.

M6xx Bender on Cart: 22”x34” floor footprint. Overall dimensions 22”x47”x68” (LxWxH). Weight 210+ lbs (depends on cart contents).

8 reviews for TRADESMAN M600 Bender Cart

    JP Ricci
    Super easy to assemble and easy to move around with weight on it
    Ben Stoker
    Great design and easy to assemble. Definitely read the instructions (especially the location of the bottom shelf cross bracing). It's obvious that great care was taken in the design of this cart (and everything else by Rogue Fab) to ensure that everything works well together.
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    Dustin DePriest
    Great cart design. Cart came in pieces and it was a blast to weld it together. Everything lined up and turned out great. Fits the bender perfectly. I’m glad I bought this
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    Was debating on whether or not to get the cart , was a last minute decision to purchase it with my bender. I’m really glad I did! The bender fits great, the casters are good quality, pivoting casters have grease zerks. Like everything else I have got the overall quality is amazing. Makes moving the bender around the shop a breeze!
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    Craig Oshea
    Purchased my cart as a DIY kit. Super easy to put together and high quality parts/instructions!
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    Steven Stafford
    I bought this cart for my M600 tradesman set. Came as a diy kit with exceptional assembly instructions. This roll around kit is awesome!
    TRADESMAN M600 Bender Cart photo review
    John Casale
    I owned my M800 tubing bender for a few years before I bought the tradesman cart, and man should I have bought it sooner. Super high quality casters, very, very easy to move around when loaded. Should have ordered this cart when I bought the bender.
    Travis von Staden
    I have high hopes for all rogue products, however I was slightly disappointed in this cart. In my case the lower aluminum shelf was bent incorrectly and the lower portion of metal supports were cut to the wrong dimension in order to meet the bent metal risers. I purchased my own metal to meet the longer dimensions and made everything work, it is still a quality cart once assembled. I built it months after purchase and did not bother to contact rogue before making alterations because of the lead time as well as time after making the purchase. Overall, I am pleased with the final result but would probably spent the extra money for the assembled model. I attached a picture, if you look at the bottom you can see that the uprights did not meet up with the cut outs of the shelf even though the vertical portions of the the support legs are square to the upper shelf. I look forward to building the bender next and mounting but I am going to wait to weld the mounting tabs just in case there is another discrepancy.
    Reply from Joe Gambino:
    Travis, we can see why you came to that conclusion about the gap in the area where the shelf meets the legs. That gap is present so that the shelf can be tilted up in the narrowing space it occupies and then removed after the cart is welded together (or installed after the cart is welded together). We used to have the gap set VERY tight, and we had many phone calls about the shelf not being able to be installed, and so we decided to increase the gap so that our customers wouldn't have to grind that shelf to fit. If you feel we have this wrong, give us a call and we can take a look at what you're describing. There is no expiration date on customer service and product support here, so it isn't too late to have us address this, even if it is just with a credit for your next order.
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