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These are all the parts you need to rebuild the serviceable components of your VersaNotcher. Like all tools, there are wear parts and bearings, and those are subject to wear and tear and may eventually need replacing. These double sealed roller bearings are INA brand (Made in the USA). The flanged Oilite Bronze bushings for the machine pivots are also made in the USA (4 per assembly). The photos show a small and a large ACME split lock collar. We revised the design of the VersaNotcher for easier service and adjustment when we added the small lock collar. It replaces the sec screw style lock collar that was shipped on VersaNotchers until late 2018.

The ACME nut is welded into the upper frame. The easiest way to remove the welds is with a ball shaped burr in a rotary grinder (air die grinder). This will remove the least material and ensure you have no trouble lining up the new components and that you are able to service it multiple times if needed.

The bearings are a very light press fit. A cheap 3 jaw puller can remove them, so can an arbor press and correctly shaped extraction pins.

The bushings are press fit, and can be removed with a mallet and a socket, and installed with a soft faced mallet if you do not have access to a press.

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    Got my notcher back into shape after striping out the acme collars.
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