Notching Stainless Steel with Versanotcher
Notch on bend with Versanotcher
Versanotcher tubing notcher and pipe notcher tool
Roll cage notches fabricated with Versanotcher from Rogue Fabrication
Versanotcher up close action
Flat Bar Notch done with Versanotcher
Roll Cage Notching

VersaNotcher – Universal Tubing Notcher – PRO KIT

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The original high performance tube pipe notcher that can safely clamp on bends, notch on bends, adjust over 225 degrees, and even notch square tubing , flat bar, and C channel!

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The VersaNotcher is a PATENT PENDING tubing notcher and pipe notching machine can make cuts and holes at angles up to 225 degrees. There are quick-release cam locks for fast precision adjustment. No assembly is required. This tube notcher mounts easily in a bench vise.

Save $28-41 by ordering the PRO KIT – comes with the VersaNotcher, (6) 5/8″ arbors, (2) 1/2″ arbors, (2) 1.5″ hole saws, (3) 1.75″ hole saws, and a bottle of cutting fluid!

Chose between regular 1.5″ cutting depth hole saws, or the same exact package/tool upgraded to our super deep 3″ hole saws (huge time saver!).

VersaNotcher Specs:

  • Round Tube Capacity: 3/4″ to 2″ on bends, up to 2 3/8″ diameter straight tubing
  • Square Tube Capacity: 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ (2″ when notching diagonal)
  • Flat bar Capacity: 1″ to 2 1/2″ wide
  • Angle adjustment range: 225 degrees
  • Max offset: 1 7/16″
  • Max Hole Saw Diameter: 4″
  • Min hole saw depth (1.5″) Max hole saw depth (4″)
  • Notch on a bend: YES
  • Clamp on a bend: YES
  • Clamp square tube in “diamond” orientation: Yes


  • Angle adjustments: Quick release cam locks for fast precision adjustment.
  • Pivots: Oil-Lite impregnated bronze bushings with case hardened and polished axles.
  • Angle indication: milled into the frame for durability. 2.5 degree hash marks, numbers every 5 degrees.
  • Offset indication: milled into the frame for durability. 1/8″ Increments.
  • Shaft: 1″ OD 416 polished and ground heat treated stainless steel on dual hardened bearings.
  • Vise interface: One hand lockable quick release handle mounted to an ergonomic hand grip wheel.
  • Vise type: True ACME lead screw with bronze thrust washer for long life and reduced friction.
  • Finish: Plain steel frame
  • Assembly required: None.
  • Hole saws: accepts standard hole saws on standard arbors (RogueFab arbor included!).
  • Power: Use any 3/8 or 1/2″ hand drill.
  • Mounting: mounts easily in a bench vise.

Similar Product Warning – Another company makes a notcher extremely similar to the VarsaNotcher (identical bearing block design and adjustment, vise jaw shape and orientation identical, etc). This product was partially reverse engineered from a VersaNotcher purchased from us. We discourage this kind of “copy design” process, as it isn’t good for either company, but it is up to you (the customer) who you want to patronize. Thank you.


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17 reviews for VersaNotcher – Universal Tubing Notcher – PRO KIT

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    Ole Morten Elstad
    Bought this Versanotcher a while back and every time I take it out I realize what a great purchase it was. Always spot on, easy to use and very sturdy. It might be a bit pricey but this is an investment that will last for a long time! 5/5 Stars from me!
    This is the best tubing notcher I have used, which is crazy because it is also priced much less than most I have tried. Well worth every penny and should hold up to anything.
    This is one of the nicest notchers I have used..... which is crazy because its priced better than nearly all of the others I have used! Well worth the price
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    Dustin DePriest
    Awesome looking tube notcher that functions even better. Makes notching about as easy as it gets with a hole saw.
    Ron Aitchison
    Great notched. Easy to use. Makes the job way easier.
    Dominick Faraci
    Great notcher can do just about every angle and clamp on a bend is super nice. But for the bad. The locking arms that hold the angle are not the best. The plastic and arch of them don’t hold hard when fully closed. I have also had problems with the clamping part that holds the tube sometimes it gets jammed up and you have to take the whole thing apart to get the tube out. It’s also a pain in the donkey to change out to a different size hole saw adjusting the arbor to perfectly true takes forever I would prefer a three jaw chuck or something better than 6 set screws. Can it do just about everything yes. Does it have some flaws absolutely but for the price point there is nothing better.
    Very nice unit , been using mine for over 5 yrs now
    Img 5008
    Well built product. Easy angle adjustment. Much easier than grinding out notches, especially on bent tubing. I suggest you get the 3" long holesaws for sharp angle notches.
    Steven Stafford
    The VersaNotcher Pro is the perfect addition to my M600 Bender! I have used this for several hundred notches and it is built great and really helps my work flow!
    Clay Wahlstedt
    Solid notcher at a solid price!
    Jeff alaniz
    This is an awesome notcher. Love how simple it is
    David Lawrence
    Great notcher, I thought I was good and fast by hand or chop saw method. Well I was wrong should of bought one years ago. Easy to set angles and get a perfect fit. Wouldn’t mind vice tang being a touch higher as I get some interference on the vice and clamp hand
    VersaNotcher - Universal Tubing Notcher - PRO KIT photo review
    Jeff Alaniz
    Super fast shipping ordered on a Saturday, shipped out the following Monday
    VersaNotcher - Universal Tubing Notcher - PRO KIT photo review
    Jaydn Walker @ WOF
    One hell of a piece of equipment! Notches damn near everything! I do wish they offered a beefed up version with a 1-2” longer throat that making the shaft longer for longer notches. I do not mind the holesaw bottoming out because it keep you from torching the hole saws. I use a sticky grease for cutting Magic Tap works great but i use too much of it. Bad too the bone product and even better customer service!??? !USA!
    Anthony T.
    Good Kit, i love the notcher. My only complaint is that the provided 1.75" hole saws were barely enough to do a 90 in a single push. I have since purchased deeper hole saws that allow me to do 90s with a single push and get deeper cuts with less tear outs. The arbors are nice because they do allow a deeper cut than a standard arbor you would buy with a hole saw, they also chuck up really nice in the shaft.
    Morgan Newlin
    Bought this to accompany my rouge Fab bender. I have used it on several projects now and I am impressed with its versatility and ability to get those difficult angles. The heavy duty bearing collar and shaft are solid and I like the vertical adjustment as well.
    Jon Kelley
    Purchased the VersaNotcher Pro Kit in January 2015 along with the model 600 bender. Together these are a fabricators dream! The notcher is a beast that handles anything you throw at it. American made and top quality! You won't be disappointed!!
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