VersaNotcher Reviews

From John in Virginia

“I build a 1/2 dozen cages + a ton of bumpers/ sliders and 1-2 buggys a year so making more accurate cuts faster is extra time to spend with my wife and kid. I have had this thing in the shop for over a month now and have been using it a good bit before I am writing this.

While it comes with a tab on the bottom for vise mounting, the location of my vise and wanting to make it more mobile I made a stand for it. It will notch into a bend but takes a min to get it set to do so. Overall it is a well designed unit that has increased the speed and repeatability in the shop.

With everything locked down it provides a stable and accurate cut. The degree indicator built in is spot on and easy to change angles with no tools. The clamp provides a good firm grip on the material without galling it but 5″ is about as short a piece as you can put in it. The new chassis I am building has a TON of notches in it and holesaw life seems to be better than my old notching method so I will also save money there, the hole saw in my video has close to 50 cuts on it and is still in good shape.

I am not trying to sell these things just give a honest review, I do think it’s cool that my review helped them to improve the product. I give it a 5 out 5 and would say it’s a great tool.”

NOTE: John had originally recommended that we include our arbor and also improve the locking collars, we now do both with no change in price -RogueFab

From Randy in Beaverton OR

“I’ve been dreaming of a notcher since I began fabricating 5 years ago. I’m currently working on prototype quadricycles and reverse leaning tricycles which require chromoly and thin walled mild steel. I was doing the old trace and grind sometimes taking a whole day to do a few acceptable notches. After fabing some sleeves (a must for thin wall) the test notches I did on 4130 1.25″x .049 were the best notches I’ve ever done! This unit is beefy. The cam levers make angle selection a breeze. You can crank down the vise, holding the piece solid. The shaft and needle bearings smooth, zero vibration…This notcher is a 10+ and worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed. Cant wait to bust out the tig rig and get to sewing together some chromoly!

Joe at RougeFab has awesome customer service. If he couldn’t answer the phone he responded uber speedy to messages and texts. Plus I’m lucky because RougeFab is in the neighborhood so I was able to will call and pick it up in 10 minutes. Next on the list is the bender and selection of dies!”

From Ward in Orlando FL

“I wanted to take a minute and tell you what great products you have. I bought a 1 1/2″ .120 wall DOM tubing bender with the HD kit and your VersaNotcher. They are fantastic and both very impressive.

My son works in Denver where he has got into rock crawling and loves it. He drove his 2014 Jeep JK to Orlando to be with us for Christmas. I said as long as he was here for a few days we would put new gears in it and bend up a tire carrier. We are both hobbyists when it comes to mechanics and metal fabrication but we can get it done. Attached are few pictures of his Jeep just before he headed back to Denver. It took us a couple tries to get the hang of the bender but when it clicked it was very easy to use. I took a picture of a few feet of waste but when you consider the complexity of the bends on the swing out tire carrier it was nothing. He bought the fender armor and we fabricated and welded the carrier mounts to them. We also made a new bumper with a built in receiver for recovery. The carrier will hold and swing a 37″ mounted tire. Unfortunately we did not have time to bend up the fenders and rock sliders but there is always next time.

The gears kicked our butts but turned out great. On the bright side all the fab work and welding only took couple days and was a ton of fun. I think there is going to be a 383 stroker tube buggy in my future. We are hooked!!!!”

From Customer

“I run a mobile fabrication business, and I have been looking for a good notcher that is very versatile. I have tried a Woodward notcher (not good), a jmr race line (good but not versatile), the TN-250 (great but too heavy for easy moving on the fab trailers). The best one yet is the versa notcher. Its very rigid, “light” weight (17lbs to ups) but the most important its very accurate I notched a test piece in a 1x2x120 tube 1/2″ off set at 60 degrees for 15/8 tube it was within 3/100 of a degree on a 60 with less than than .005 gap against the tube. This is by far the best notcher I have ever used and 400 shipped to the door is a steal! I would have paid 1000 for one this good if you want a great notcher with stellar service get the versa notcher. I’m in no way affiliated with Rogue Fab just thought every one should know they sell a great notcher. I will keep you updated on the wear and tear on it only time will tell if remains the best.”