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[Sticky] What NOT to do here  

Joe Gambino
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This is meant to be a business-to-business help and tips section. If you want to ask how much you should charge for work or how much to pay your employees, this is the place to ask. If you want to know what other fabrication shops are charging for shop minimums or what insurance limits they have, those are excellent questions. Remember, this is PEER ADVICE. Take it with a grain of salt!


If you want to post work for sale, that is NOT what this forum is for. 


If you have things you are trying to sell, that is NOT what this forum is for.


If you are looking for a job, that is NOT what this forum is for.

-The dude who started RogueFab
4Runner Build thread: https://www.roguefab.com/forum/projects-and-builds/rogue-fabrication-4runner/