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WD40 for Bending Lube?  

Jim Mehrl
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Just wondering if using WD40 is acceptable lube for pressure die?  Just easier to squirt in there than lubing but finger...that sounds weird, lol. 

Joe Gambino
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For pins- machine oil or engine oil. Light coat once every few hours of use.

You can put any oil or bend all product on any roller surface if you want to (bending die or roller pressure die surfaces).

For pressure dies (friction pressure dies) and mandrels: Wd40 is a pretty lousy lubricant when pressure and friction are involved. It is better than nothing.  Bend all 004 (we sell it, TIG weld right through it!) is best, followed by gease (messy), gear oil (use a brush), motor oil, air tool oil, spray on lithium lube, anything else oily, then last and least... wd40.

Bend CLEAN tube. And clean your clamp and clamp area with lacquer thinner or acetone. Grip = bends where you planned them to be!

I hope that helps!

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