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[Sticky] Posting photos and attachments, and what the symbols mean  

Joe Gambino
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There are several ways to post photos here. The easiest way is to click "attach file" right below where you type your post. The photo will automatically ember (show up as a photo, not a link). This will allow you to attach ONE photo to a post. You can then edit your post, and the photo you added will be in the body of your post, and you can add another photo by clicking the "attach file" button again. You can do this over and over to add as many photos as you want. 

We will likely find a better way to add multiple photos to a post in the near future. Please comment with any other methods you can find.


Added 1/26/2021:

This forum has a member rating based solely on post count. These badges and member titles are a fun way to show and name our members who have contributed a lot. Despite these titles having real-fabrication skill levels implicated in their words, understand that a talkative internet junkie who welds bird crap and uses a hammer more than a wrench can still get the title of "grand master fabricator". Don't take it too seriously!



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