Lubrication for tube bending & cold forming, Bend All 004 (Steel, aluminum, stainless, etc)


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    3 × 3 × 3 in


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This is the best bending and metal forming lubricant you can get. It is for draw bending, mandrel bending, and other cold forming operations (like dimple die use or our 180 degree gusset press brake). It applies easily with a brush, gloved hand, or out of a large diameter syringe. It is very safe and leaves no residue that affects welding or painting. It can been welded right through with no cleanup, although you should of course clean it up anyway. Sold in sizes from 4 oz up to a gallon.

4 oz and 8 oz jars will fit in your elite tubing bender cart drawers, anything bigger will not. 16 ounces of this will last you a very long time when manually applied. A quart (32 oz) is the smallest size we recommend for a mandrel attachment. A little goes a long way. This product does separate a little (like sour cream, but please don’t put this in your fridge, especially if you drink heavily on the weekends). If separated, you can shake the container and it restores the homogeneity of the product.

  • Bend All 004 details – This is a phenomenal lubricant. It should still be sealed when not in use. Reactivity with bronze is nearly zero. Oxidation on raw steels (rust) is nearly immeasurable (zero). Separation, thinning, and shelf life are excellent, even if left open. May be mixed with vegetable oil if desired, though it can lead to weld contamination when used with oil depending on cleanup practices.

We tested many other mandrel bending lubricants, and they either rapidly tarnished bronze parts (mandrel components), built up solids in suspension (separation) leading to clogging of lubrication galleys in our machinery, or they had shelf life problems. Of all the chemical and lubrication products in our entire shop, Bend all 002 and 004 are the least scented, and most comfortable to have on bare hands. It leaves no nasty residue.

3 reviews for Lubrication for tube bending & cold forming, Bend All 004 (Steel, aluminum, stainless, etc)

    Bryan T
    Best thing ever for hole saws. This has significantly extended the life of our hole saws without a big mess to clean up before welding. works great for tube and flat bar rolling as well.
    You want quality, right? You want to protect your investment? Well a man can never have enough lube. Even the small can is enough to keep you busy a long time. Its really easy to clean up as well.
    Steven Stafford
    I purchased the Bend-All 004 Lube for building 2” aluminum T-Tops and it helped out tremendously!!
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