VersaNotcher – Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher


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  • Easy angle adjustment (w/metal cam locks) - make extremely precise cuts (angle adjustment of 225 degrees)
  • Clamps and notches on a bend, unlike basic tube notchers
  • Can notch wider variety of materials than other tube notchers
  • Precision ACME thread vise lead screw for superior performance
  • Made in the USA
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  • Weight:

    23 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    13 × 13 × 7 in

  • Coating:

    Clear Zinc Coating | Raw Steel


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The VersaNotcher from Rogue Fab is a patent pending tubing notcher that can cut pipe and tubing at angles of up to 225 degrees. It’s ideal for fabricating NHRA compliant roll cages, fences, gates, and a wide range of other fabrication projects. It has quick-release cam locks for precise and easy adjusting of items in a matter of seconds. Rogue Fabrication is an industry-leading company specializing in tube fabrication machines & equipment. Our innovative tubing notcher product receives excellent reviews from customers and other professionals in the niche. We normally keep these in stock and ship them within 1-3 business days.

Available in raw steel or finished in a beautiful clear zinc coating


Clamp on a bend

The design of this tubing notcher tool quickly and securely clamps tubes on a bend, even while rotated. Only the VersaNotcher and the TN-250 tubing notcher can do this. All other tube notchers lack the design geometry to safely clamp on a bend when the tubing is rotated in the clamping jaws. A few notchers can clamp on a bend, but only when flat against a plate – the rest can’t clamp on bends.

Notch a wider variety of materials

The VersaNotcher is the only tube notcher we know of that works quickly and safely with such a variety of materials. It works on round tubes, square tubes (diamond and flat orientation), rectangular tubes, flat bars, angle iron, and C channel.

Adjust notching angles without tools

The VersNotcher cam locks make adjusting cutting angles quick and easy, without any need for additional tools. Bending jobs require less time and effort than with other tube and pipe notchers.

Precision ACME vise thread

The VersaNotcher tube notcher incorporates an ACME thread lead screw with a thrust washer (bronze) for reduced friction and enhanced durability. All well-made vises use ACME threads (with a square profile). These last longer and have low friction. Some pipe notcher tools use V threads, like a bolt, but these are not a long-lasting solution.


The VersaNotcher also includes many other excellent features:

  • Pivots: Bronze bushings impregnated with Oil-Lite, case-hardened, polished axles.
  • Bend Angle indicator: CNC milled, marking each 2.5 degrees increment, with numbered 5-degree increments.
  • Offset indication: Shows 1/8″ Increments.
  • Shaft: 1″ OD 416 heat-treated, ground, polished, stainless steel, with dual hardened bearings.
  • Clamping interface: Lockable handle (quick-release) mounted on an ergonomic handwheel.
  • Finish: unpainted steel
  • Assembly: None required
  • Hole saws: Works with any standard hole saw on a standard drill arbor for making round cuts in pipes (RogueFab arbor included with VersaNotcher). All VersaNotcher models now come with a longer frame. This update enables the VersaNotcher to accommodate 3-inch deep hole saws.
  • Power: can be used with any 3/8″ or 1/2″ hand drill press.

VersaNotcher Specs

  • Round Tube Capacity: 3/4″ to 2″ on bends, up to 2 3/8″ diameter straight tubing
  • Square Tube Capacity: 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ (2″ when notching diagonal)
  • Flat bar Capacity: 1″ to 2 1/2″ wide
  • Angle adjustment range: 225 degrees
  • Max offset: 1 7/16″
  • Max Hole Saw Diameter: 4″
  • Min hole saw depth (1.5″) Max hole saw depth (4″)
  • Notch on a bend: YES
  • Clamp on a bend: YES
  • Clamp square tube in “diamond” orientation: Yes
  • Shipping Weight: 21lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 13x13x7in

Supported profiles

  • Round dies bend tubes and also solid bars (when within capacity limitations)
  • Square dies bend square tubing
  • Pipe dies bend pipe


The heavy-duty VersaNotcher tool and other RogueFab products and parts have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser (unless stated otherwise). We guarantee the VersaNotcher will work as described. Plus, we offer a lifetime guarantee on dies (subject to use for bending appropriate pipes/tubes). You can see full terms and conditions in our FAQ section here. If you want to know more about our professional tube and pipe notchers call us at 503-389-5413 or drop us a message at for more information, technical product support, or customer service inquiries.

Comparison Chart Versa


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Similar Product Warning – Another company makes a notcher extremely similar to the VarsaNotcher (identical bearing block design and adjustment, vise jaw shape and orientation identical, etc). This product was partially reverse engineered from a VersaNotcher purchased from us by that company. We discourage this kind of “copy design” process, as it isn’t good for either company, but it is up to you (the customer) who you want to patronize. Thank you.

55 reviews for VersaNotcher – Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher

    Img 3772
    Ryan Kruchten
    Best notcher I've ever used. For the price, this thing is unmatched IMO. Highly recommend!!
    First off it is a great build quality. I really had high hopes. But unfortunately it is useless to my application. If you planning on notching anything 7/8 or below, good luck. I have tried many different hole saws. Every last one had broken teeth off. Different speeds, different pressure, lube, no lube. It doesn't matter. Get 1 to 4 notches before teeth break off. The harbor freight notcher i can get 50 plus notches out of a hole saw. They say you can notche a 5/8 tube. Unfortunately you can't. 5/8 does not clamp in jaws.
    Reply from Joe Gambino:
    EDIT: Hey Jeff, We have called and emailed few times now. Our graphic on the website did have a error in it that was misleading about the minimum tube size the VersaNotcher can clamp. We have corrected this error and do apologize for the inconvenience. We are offering a full refund or a custom jaw made for your application. We are waiting for your response so we can get you taken care of.
    Img 8456
    Img 8030
    Img 8456
    Caysen weaver
    This is an amazing notcher with awesome functionality. I am using it on 2” and 1 3/4” tube for my prerunner project. works great so far.
    Img 0786
    Welding_305 OHHH YES!!!! Not only did you have this on stock you also shipped real fast. This my first tube notcher. I was about to buy a northern tool notcher for 80 bucks. i am soooo glad i did not. good quality notcher!!!! currently cutting 1 5/16 aluminum and the only thing that comes in my mind i should have gotten the laser cutter tube notcher the holesaws do not last long. who has 100k for a laser lol next thing is a bender!!!!!!! love this thing !!!!!
    Xander Baumeister
    This notcher is awesome. I used it to build a bike frame out of 1.375 .045 wall tubing which very few notchers can do without crushing the thin wall tubing. Highly recommend
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    William Ratliff
    I have a VersaNotcher . It makes me look like I know what I am doing.
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    Absolutely a great notcher. Never had a piece of tube that needed notched in a way this notcher couldn’t accomplish 10/10 recommend. Keep a few extra arbors on hand though
    This will go good with our bender we purchased. Amazing customer service!!!
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    Love my notcher, big step up from the previous one that I had to modify. The arbor adapters are amazing. Having them all right there and a quick change. The clamping system is easy and grips the pipe no matter what angle or size. Offset notches are simple to do. Made making this x3 cage very easy and you can see my notcher in back of second pit. Currently its in storage we moved to build a 2000 sq ft shop. It is nearly time to get all the tools out of storage
    20220228 144625
    Dale Gay
    Absolute BEST notcher on the market today!! I've owned numerous different notchers and nothing comes close to the Versa-Notcher. Stop wasting your time and money with cheap inferior products. Do yourself and your business a favor and get the Versa-Notcher.
    Img 0109
    I am a big believer in you get what you pay for - so when it comes to tools, I don't mind paying for a premium product. For this instance, I was searching for an easy to use, well-made pipe notcher for my shop, and stumbled upon a few options. The cheaper options from ChinaFreight, Eastwood and Amazon were not going to cut it. I found the VersaNotcher through RogueFab's YouTube channel and instantly became a fan. The machined indexing and angle markings were a big selling point for me. Additionally, it has a good range for notching different sized tubing, and the set up was quick and easy. The overall construction of the VersaNotcher is beefy and built to last. I had a minor issue with my order but was immediately corrected with some help from Jarrod and Joe. An excellent piece of equipment with A+ customer service. I appreciate you guys and look forward to dealing with Rogue Fabrication in the near future!
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    Great notcher! I have been able to hit every angle I have needed thus far.
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    James Cyphert
    Fast, accurate, repeatable results at a VERY reasonable price considering what it can open up for jobs.
    Brian Moon
    I purchased the Versa Notcher for a large aluminum handrail job we landed. Even with no prior notching experience, setup and operation was a breeze and it worked flawlessly for the 120 or so notches. Even one 3" hole saw from Rogue made it through the project. The construction of the versa notcher is top notch and I'm sure I'll get many years of good use out of it.
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    Eric Cote
    I’ve been fishmouthing pipe for years by hand with my handy Metabo, and I’m quite fond of it… but wow!!!! I absolutely love this new notcher!!! Hands down one of my favorite tools! Lightweight and super easy to use! Amazing timesaver!!!!
    20210128 151409
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    20210128 151409
    Emmanuel Desiderio
    One of the best purchases I've made period. The quality you get is well worth your money and if you do alot of notching then this will save you alot of time and the end result is a notch that you don't even have to grind. Can't wait to use it again.
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    Brandon Swanson
    Again. We’re a small shop and we need a product we can depend on. After owning the M600 bender, I knew Rogue Fab was the name to trust when we needed a new notcher. The Versa Notcher proved itself on the first project. I couldn’t be happier with their products and will continue to order more in the future.
    Img 20200823 164739229
    This notcher is waaay better than other brands. It will clamp anything. You can raise the cut above or below center, plus you can cut any degree. On some of the max degrees, you will have to finish it by hand. But for the most part it will punch through all the way. The extended frame make this a lot easier. Plus you can get parts for this thing, making it a permanent resident in my shop.
    M600 1 1
    Matt Martin
    Great products! With the support and knowledge to help the novice or more advanced fabricator. I have owned my M600 and Versa Notcher for many years now with no failures or issues. Its portable, easy die changes, air assist ram, full line of accessories that you can tailor to your specific needs, and its affordable!
    EXCELLENT notcher! I need too get the extended bracket for deeper cuts.
    Alex Fornal
    My favorite notched been using it for over 2 years now and the durability is great. Clamping on a bend is a breeze as well.
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    20190503 191746
    Brandon Michels
    This notcher is a beast. The first project I used it for was notching over 200 tubes and it did it with ease. The CNC engraved angle degree marks make lining up cuts a breeze. If you're on the edge of whether it is worth the money or not I'll tell you it definitely is!
    Jeep Cage
    This thing is downright awesome. Easy to use and make accurate notches.
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    Josh Pierce
    The VersaNotcher makes it easy to quickly make accurate notches. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in the shop and it’s a fair price.
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    Clint Vaughn
    I do a lot of round tube/pipe handrails. I work alone and this thing is a real timesaver, I really like the vise clamp it’s quick and easy to load and unload parts. They have recently made revisions to the notcher and have upgraded quite a few things which seem to be great improvements. I like a company that is always trying to improve and give there customers the best products possible. I will be a customer for life!
    Screenshot 20210107 163249 Photos
    mike schuh
    Great solid notcher! The extended hole saws make it slick one shot deal as well!! The degree reference also makes repeatable results very easy. I would have saved so much time over the years if I had one of these sooner!!
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    Craig Oshea
    The versa notcher is insane! I haven’t found anything it couldn’t do yet and I use it a few times a week! Great quality and a pleasure to use
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    Bobby Ellis
    Absolutely the best notcher on the market. Precise and accurate. Using it to Build this chromoly chassis.
    I making notches other notchers simply can’t make.
    Lloyd Eicher
    I bought the versa notcher and I assembled it with ease and it notched everything I threw at it. A couple months later another package from RF came in the mail unexpectedly. It was the cam locks! I didn’t even know I was missing those but they made it right without me even contacting them. Great customer service!
    Jarrod Azbill
    Great notcher. I've only done a couple notches so far, but this thing is awesome
    VersaNotcher - Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher photo review
    Jeremy Weber
    Simple and easy to use. I love the arbors and the angle marks that cant rub away or get scratched off. Clearly durability was in mind. Sure beats cutting and grinding to make a notch.
    This notcher is extremely beefy. You get what you pay for. Will not hesitate if I ever need to buy another one.
    VersaNotcher - Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher photo review
    Jeff Alaniz
    Super quick and easy assembly, was ready to notch in 5 minutes. Awesome tool
    Todd Mclaughlin
    I purchased the versanotcher about 2 years ago and have created precise birds mouth fittings between round and square tube fabrication. I am sharing the quality and precision of my versanotcher with younger adults to help spark an interest in fabrication and helping them understand that their ideas can be made to reality through Rogue Fabrication products and their quality and video demonstrations.
    Thomas Weeks
    Right out of the box, fist thing you notice is how beefy this bad boy is. Then ya set it up and go "that was easy." "Almost too easy." But once you toss your favorite set of teeth in it and get to chewin, all your "too good to be true" concerns melt away into 'moly chips at your feet. You realize, for once you've made a good tool purchase. You sleep well that night. 5 stars great product. Love mine.
    Jim Green
    This is an awesome notcher. Great customer service and very responsive.
    Ben U
    The versa-notcher rocks. The arbor assembly makes for really easy small cuts and the hole saw will not walk. 10/10 would recommend.
    Matt Lorenzano
    Bought the versanotcher as part of my NHRA kit. This thing is AWESOME!!! customer service is top notch and they answer within the hour in my experience. They stand behind their products 100% and they should! Everything I have from Rogue Fab is quality!
    Tyler bordeau
    My favorite notcher for notching on a bend. With the easy to read angle adjustments and the quick release is super nice when working on getting the perfect fit less time spent haggling with a vice and more time spent fitting and notching
    VersaNotcher - Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher photo review
    Scott Sullivan
    My 21 year old son just finished his ex-o-cage on his 84 Toyota crawler, using your 600 bender with 1-3/4 die and your tubing notcher he bought from you and it looks awesome. This was the first time he ever tried to do this kind of work and your bender and notcher preformed great even for a novice. I am trying to find a way to send you pictures because I think this would be great promo for Rogue Fab. Thanks for making such a great product that really works as advertised and that even a beginner can get professional results. Thanks again. Scott and Zach Sullivan
    I had another brand notcher that was more expensive an it just wouldn’t up to par about 3 months of use the shaft bearings wore loose it would jump around wouldn’t cut center or could notch in a bend I was recommended on this versa notcher an I do not regret it I wish I purchased it sooner I have a bender from another company an really considering selling it to get a rogue bender
    Ricardo Corrales
    About the best VersNotcher out there. Did not have any issues using it. I will definitely recommend to friends in the business.
    I just started using our new Versa-Notcher to help a friend build a metal bed for his daugther and have to say it is WAAYYYYY better than the old drill press mounted bushing notcher we used to have. The adjustment is way finer, and the clamp holds the pipe firmly without putting a ton of pressure on the clamp. The arbor is really solid and I think the hole saws will last longer because they don't chatter nearly as much. Can't wait to get started on my 25.3 cage with this thing!
    VersaNotcher - Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher photo review
    Stephen hereford
    By far the most bang for the buck. Setup is a breeze. This tool has saved me countless hours
    mark leino
    Definitely versatile. I have used this to notch just about every shape of tubing imaginable, even flat bar, at angles it's probably not even supposed to be used for. This thing is tough, I mounted it to a heavy wood bench and it works great. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good notcher. The built in angle notching marks are great, it can go 180 degrees so no need to be flipping tubing around ever to get just the right notch.
    VersaNotcher - Universal Pipe and Tubing Notcher photo review
    Anthony T.
    Real Talk. I was using my 15" EVO chop saw to cut 45 degrees to notch a small piece of tubing and a piece caught, pulled my hand in and my hand hit the guard; needless to say I had to check my pants. True story bro. I went online that night after eyeing this sucker after buying my bender and purchased this bad boy. Needless to say my hands are worth the safety this delivers along with the accuracy it can give you. PRO TIPs: Don't overtighten the clamp, you don't need to 200lb gorilla this sucker and also buy their arbors!
    Vladislav Balasanyan
    For the first time I am disappointed with a rogue fab product, they make really good dies , they make a beautiful bender , and although this is a really good notcher , it does not do what I was hoping it would do , it can not , will not , does not notch on a bend horizontally . At first I thought maybe I’m doing it right , but nope it does not , I tried every way possible, I even cut the tube more than I wanted to , it just won’t do it . I’m not bashing on them or anything but I’m letting you know now that it will NOT notch on a bend horizontally.
    Reply from Joe Gambino:
    We reached out to Vladislav. It WILL notch on a bend horizontally. We really wanted to help him figure out the issue, but he never replied to us. There are some limitations, but we have made curved gusset notches (horizontal notches on bends, 2 per gusset) plenty of times.
    Taylor Davis
    Called up rogue fab as I’m local and put in my order for and xhd kit and the versa notcher they had it ready to go the next day. I’m brandnew to bending and I’ve already learned how amazing it is having a notcher that so easily clamps onto bends and you can adjust the heights etc to get the notch centered on the tubing. Seems to be extremely sturdy even when notching an odd piece of tubing being clamped on a bend. Don’t waste your time on a cheap notcher you’ll just end up spending more getting something of the quality of rogue fab in the near future.
    I bought one of these for my shop and love it. So versatile and the grip strength is awesome. I have been using it for titanium tubing and it works great.
    Corey Pratt
    Bought this when I bought there model 600 bender about a year ago and it works great. the clamp holds tight and the angle gauge that is built into the unit is very accurate. makes even making weird notches pretty easy.
    Simple to use, angles are engraved right on the tool. Rock solid, makes notches that could almost be used without any clean up. More adjustment than you'll ever need. Pair this with a handful of quick change arbors and you'll be wondering why you didn't buy one of these sooner.
    Great tool, I use it just about daily, its accurate and easy to use
    Purchased with the bender cuts amazing and make life so much easier for at home fabrication​ fun.
    There are lots of options out there for notchers the cheap ones move around,don't lock down and ruin hole saws. This one has nice numbers can get very close to bends and angles. One of the best tools in the garage . Very nice piece
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