Aluminum pipes are lightweight and non-corrosive, so most industrial projects use them where the application fits. This is why aluminum pipe benders are in huge demand nowadays.

Professionals often question the reliability and features of various aluminum pipe benders to find out which one will best suit their needs. RogueFab makes some of the industry-leading aluminum pipe benders out there, which outdo every other competitor whether we talk about the maximum bend angle or the bend quality.

To know more about Aluminum pipe benders and how to choose one, keep reading:

What is the best way to bend aluminum tubing?

Bending aluminum tubes can be done in different ways (though most of them shouldn’t be used). Here are a few of those:

Bare Hands

It is possible to bend very thin aluminum tubes without using an external tool. However, it requires a lot of physical force, and the bend angle will often turn out to be different than what you require. It also has a high chance of injury and the bend will not go beyond a certain angle.

Blow Torch

Heating a metal such as aluminum makes it malleable and easy to bend. Therefore, you can use a blow torch to heat the tube at the location where you want to create the bend and then bend it with a wrench.

Again, this method also has a high risk of physical injury. Additionally, the bend angles are not perfect and the pipe can also be ruined due to the high heating.

Aluminum Tube Bender

A tube bender (also called a pipe bender) is the right tooling for bending aluminum tubing. It can perfectly create even bends exactly as required and save time while doing it. It also involves high safety and there is no risk of injury to the operator.

When it comes to which method to choose, the answer is a no-brainer. A tube bender is the only tool you should use for bending tubes and pipes, whether it is aluminum tubing or any other metal.

What types of projects require aluminum bending?

Aluminum is so abundantly used nowadays that aluminum bending machine is required in an astonishing number of areas. Here are some of the common applications of the process:

Aluminum tubing and bending is widely used to create:


hydraulic systems and fuel lines in cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and even space vehicles. Aluminum tubes are utilized in making tent poles, camp chair frames, table frames, etc.

Due to being an excellent conductor of heat, aluminum tubes are also used in refrigerators, HVAC systems, and cooling systems for engines.

What should you consider before choosing an aluminum pipe bender?

When choosing an aluminum pipe bender, there are various factors to consider such as:

  • Maximum Bend Angle: This angle determines how far the tube bender can bend the pipe.
  • One-shot bend angle: This angle tells how far the tube bender will bend the pipe in one go.
  • Type of bender: You can choose between a manual and hydraulic bender. Hydraulic benders require significantly less physical effort than manual benders.
  • Build Quality: A high-quality pipe bender will last longer while a low-quality bender can even break on the job.
  • Bend Quality: A good pipe bender should create good quality bends without causing any harm to the pipe itself.
  • Accuracy: Certain jobs require more precision than others. Your tube bender should provide you with the precise bend angle that you require.

Bender Capacities 605 1000 Bender Capacities 601 1000 Bender Capacities 625 1000

Roguefab Aluminum Tubing Bender Benefits

There are multiple advantages that Roguefab aluminum tube benders offer as compared to other alternatives. These advantages are:

  • While most commercial tube benders offer a maximum bend angle of 90 degrees in one shot, Roguefab M600 bender can bend 94 degrees in one shot. You can extend the bend even past 180 degrees.
  • Besides aluminum, Roguefab tube benders can bend a lot of different metals such as mild carbon steel, Chromoly, and stainless steel. Even metals of very high hardness are an easy job for these benders.
  • Roguefab aluminum tube benders are known for their high degree of precision. You can get the accurate bend that you require using the angle protractor provided on the bender.
  • There are a lot of customized attachments that are available for Roguefab aluminum tubing benders. This means that you can adjust your tool exactly per your requirement.
  • Even with all their industry-leading advantages, Roguefab tube benders are priced competitively and genuinely. You can find a Roguefab tube bender model at your budget since there are many different ones to choose from!