Live Video Link: LIVE YouTube VIDEO LINK HERE


Grand Prize  (see below): $4338 Roll Cage DREAM Package! (1.5/1.75 configuration) – Steve Bresmahan
Runner Up Prize #1: $50 Gift Card – David Campbell
Runner Up Prize #2: $25 Gift Card (doubled since he was watching live!) – Jason Brown


Donation Recipient (for donated merchandise):

Donation #1: Linn Benton Com. Col. in Albany, OR

Donation #2: Waldo County Technical Center, Belfast, ME

Details here: EDU PROGRAM (LINK)


All winners drawn while they’re watching our live video will get $25 to $100 added to their prize!!!


Grand Prize Full Item List (this is all in our Dream Package -LINK):

M625 (Extreme Heavy Duty) Bender, Powder Coated


1.75 x 6 Die, Roller & Billet Spacer (with 2 pressure dies)

1.50 x 4.5 Die, Roller & Billet Spacer (with 2 pressure dies)

1.75 Hole Saw (standard depth) x 2

1.50 Hole Saw (standard depth) x 2

Full Set of Nickel Plated Dimple Dies, 1/2″ to 2 1/2″

Bend Tech Pro Tube Bending Software

Air/Hydraulic Cylinder

Tube Rotation/Index Gauges

Upgraded Degree Indicator

Breakaway Die Change Pin

RogueFab 4.5″ Steel RF Logo (RED) x2



You can enter for FREE or easily by just buying swag from us or writing a review! You have GREAT odds for winning these! This isn’t like those typical social media giveaways from massive corporations where there are ten thousand people entering!


HOW TO ENTER: Any of these FOUR things gets you entered. They add up if you do more than one!

  1. Buy anything in our swag category at – you will get an entry for every 50 cents you spend (so 2 per dollar). We round up using the arithmetic rules in excel, so $2.24 rounds down to 4 entries and $2.25 rounds up to five entries. Shipping doesn’t count. The lowest priced items in our swag category are $1 and can be donated, so you can get 2 entries for $1 if you donate a sticker through our EDU program. Orders set to “local pick up” are only entered when picked up unless you put in the order notes you want your order donated to a school (which is a shipping option at checkout).


  1. You can enter by sending a postcard to: Rogue Fabrication, 42335 SE Marmot Rd Sandy OR 97055. Write “MAR/APR 2022 drawing”, your full name, phone number, E mail address, and return address on it. ONE PER HOUSEHOLD PER DRAWING. NO EXCEPTIONS. E mail address required for entry. This will subscribe you to our twice a month newsletter, which you may immediately opt out of if you desire.


  1. Post a review for our company on Google reviews are for our company and/or our products. Each review counts for 3 entries. You must use your active primary Google account (if applicable), and no copy/paste is allowed. Your review must have relevant content and describe why you’re giving us the rating you are. Entry via this method is based on our discretion. Photos (of yours) will make your review count for 8 entries instead of 3. Writing “great products” or “I love free giveaways” will not count. On most devices, you want to search for “Rogue Fabrication 97055”, and you will see our company displayed with address and a star rating. That is where you can click from Google to enter reviews.
  2. Post this drawing to your primary Instagram account. Follow every requirement here. You must tag us @RogueFab (in a sentence, like “@RogueFab is doing another huge giveaway!”). You also must use all of the following hashtags: #RogueFabMar22, #AffordableTubingBender, #RogueFabBender. We can’t find your posts if you don’t tag and hashtag. You may use any relevant photo, like the one from our post/drawing or one of our with your bender. IF there is no RogueFab bender in the photo, it will definitely not count. This is worth 5 entries.




We will announce the winner(s) live on YouTube on May 5th at 3:30 pm PST (meaning PACIFIC TIME). That person can chose the configuration of our prize package that is priced at the amount shown in this.  If they want to upgrade any items, they can pay the retail price difference. If they just want store credit on dies or a mandrel attachment, etc., the credit is $3,000. Shipping IS NOT included.


When we announce names on YouTube live, we will remind the winners to comment. If they are present at that time (we will know when you comment), the prizes will have $100/$50/$25 in credit added to them (Grand, 2nd, 3rd prize). Make sure you tune in!

We do giveaways like this EVERY month. They only last about 30-60 days. We NEVER EVER have double-entry days or anything like that.


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Void where prohibited. No cash back given. No cash value. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be 18 years old to enter. FULL DRAWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS AT