Hand knob for air/hydraulic ram

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Tired of using the 18″ long tube to open and close the valve on your ram? This knob fits right over the OEM screw! Choose the configuration that matches your ram. We include these when you purchase a ram from us.

9 reviews for Hand knob for air/hydraulic ram

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    Got this for my harbor freight ram, it fits good overall it’s a nice little add on. Definitely beats having to grab pliers or use the 2’ handle. Anything that makes a job easier and keeps a couple tools out of the work area I’m all for. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference..
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    Matt Quillen
    Very simple but and convenient upgrade!
    Hand knob for air/hydraulic ram photo review
    Jeff Alaniz
    Nice piece to add to the hydraulic ram. Smaller than expected, would be nice to be a tad bigger. Still a great addition none the less
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