Spare/Service/Rebuild Parts for M600 Series Bender


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  • Weight:

    39 lbs

  • Dimensions:

    31 × 21 × 4 in


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Stickers- Operator side come with new machines. Non-operator side are optional and can be purchased here.

Bend wheel kit- This is a repair part, new bend wheels, degree sticker, weld washers, and sticker protection bars. There are only 2 common ways to bend these – leaving the locking pin in the machine and running it, or bending something far in excess of the machine’s rated capacity. Please consider our die change pin to prevent damage from accidental die-change incidents!

Pins – These are a good idea to keep as spares. Ours are US made and very high quality. Saving a few bucks by using imports from India/China may seem thrifty, but not when they take out a $100+ pair of bend wheels!

Return Spring – Bender air cylinder return springs. Sold EACH. These are made and zinc-plated in the USA to our design. They are not some cheap off-the-shelf imported hardware.

HD Spring – This is the spring from our HD kit.

Pressure die rebuild plate – These are great for any machine, even xHD. Weld them on when you order your machine for even more wear resistance and pin bearing area! Sold individually.

Sticker protection bars – No need to admit that you welded your bend wheels up wrong. Leave the bars on the wrong side, and add these to the correct side. Or buy them to protect your “non operator side” stickers.