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Tubing Bender model 605/625 – Tradesman PIPE Set


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Now you can get the Rogue Model 605 (formally the HD) or the Model 625 (formally the XHD) Tubing Bender with a full range of dies and get up to $232 OFF! Our tradesman set is ideal for fabrication shops or serious enthusiasts.

***Current lead times- 0-3 business days for KITS, 0-10 business days for powder coated machines.

All Dies included are Pipe sized

1.900 (1 1/2 Pipe) X 6.0 CLR

1.660 (1 1/4 pipe) X 6.00 CLR

1.315 (1″ pipe) x 4.5 CLR

1.050 (3/4 pipe) x 3.5 CLR

.675 (3/8 pipe) & .840 (1/2 pipe) x 3.5 CLR

Need help choosing a die? CLICK HERE Want to see the capacity of every die? CLICK HERE Need help with the drop down options? Click on the “Info/Videos” tab for in depth explanations.

The RogueFab model 600 series tubing bender is the best value on the market. Our bender is easy to use, accurate, and portable. We have the most affordable dies in the industry, and all of them bend 180+ degrees. You can forget about “90 degree 1 shot” benders that stop at 90. Our bender can do 94 degrees in one shot, and then they can continue and go past 180. Are you still looking at manual tubing benders? This modern machine was designed to run air/hydraulic (ram is sold separately, $94-195). Compare our maximum capacity to the competition before you buy, because nothing else comes close. This machine can bend solid steel bar up to 2″ diameter! We have the video to prove it. Just click on “videos” in the menu at the top of this page. Our bender can also make S-Bends, which is shown in our videos section.

The best thing about our line of tubing benders is how they can easily grow with your shop. You can get the machine now as the basic M601 or the overkill-strong M625, and be up and running without spending your whole tool budget. Down the road, there is no need to sell this machine to upgrade. You can add a mandrel attachment to bend thinner tubing (in steel, stainless, aluminum, or titanium). You can upgrade to pressure roller dies for more complex bend geometry and bending aluminum. You can upgrade to a 9.5 degree per second electric hydraulic power system with auto stops for repeat parts. You can even add a backstop and rotation gauges to keep track of bend spacing and rotation between bends on 3D parts. Need storage space? We sell cart kits and completed carts for our machines. Want to get advanced? We sell the best bending software in the business, already configured for our machines. This tubing bender is no bait-and-switch. It comes with EVERYTHING in the pictures except for the hydraulic ram. You can go buy the ram from Harbor Freight to save money on shipping, or get one right off our web page. Our web page is the single most complete source for information on tube bending. Read all of it in our Technical Index (LINK).


Die Size: Die that comes with your machine. dies are listed as “OD x CLR”, OD = outside diameter or size, and CLR = Center Line Radius, the size of the bend. For help choosing a die, click here (LINK).

Bender Assembly: The kit is an easy 2 hour welding project. Choose weld/paint or weld/powder coat if you want it shipped complete.

Roller Die: This upgrade allows you to load the machine easier/faster and put bends closer together in some circumstances, and bend steel/aluminum without changing pressure dies. S bends are possible with this upgrade, we have a video showing them here: S Bend Video (LINK). If you choose Roller & Spacer, you will get the roller pressure die upgrade and the super-convenient billet die spacers installed on all your dies. These speed up die changing, but don’t have any other impact on machine performance.

Capacity: Our standard bender is STOUT! We also offer the same frame with some additional hardware to make it have HD capacity, it and can bend 1.75 x .250 wall DOM tube without a problem! If you need to bend 2.00 x .250 chromoly or something else extreme, bump your machine up to the M600 xHD, which is a thicker frame and pins, among other things. For a chart of what frame will bend what range of material, click here (LINK).

We have over 50 dies that fit this machine, and we do our best to keep all of them in stock. All dies ship free too! For a complete range of wall thickness this tubing bender can bend for any material, go check out our Wall Thickness Chart (LINK) and you will find the range of wall thickness that it can bend for stainless, carbon steel, and aluminum.

Want proof that the standard M600 (not the xHD) can bend 1.75 solid steel bar?! watch the video:

How much work is it to weld it together? Very little, it’s so easy a novice welder can do it:

How hard is it to change dies? Super easy! Here is a video of a die set change;

*when properly equipped. Please see our wall thickness capacity chart for full details. It is in our tech section on our web page.


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