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Everything you need to build an accurate 25.5, 25.4, 25.3, or nearly any other drag or road race chassis you can think of! Complete welded machine with all stickers already applied, and a fully assembled notcher. Comes with bending software, and indication for bend angle and rotation of bend planes. Full color instructions and tech support included. Dies are mostly on a 6 inch radius, except 3/4, 7/8,and 1 inch, to bend the thinnest wall possible with our machine.

  1. Model 600 Tubing Bender (welded and painted, ready for use) with the following dies, all upgraded to pressure roller dies:
    • 1.625 (1 5/8) x 6.00 CLR
    • 1.500 (1 1/2) x 6.00 CLR
    • 1.25 (1 1/4) x 6.00 CLR
    • 1.00 X 4.50 CLR
    • 875 (7/8) X 3.50 CLR
    • .75 (3/4) X 3.50 CLR
  2. VersaNotcher
    • 8 hole saw arbors
    • Hole saws for every size of die
    • Cutting oil
  3. Tube Rotation Gage – for 3D bending
  4. Tube bending design software (Bend Tech PRO)
  5. Air/hydraulic Cylinder for tubing bender with hand release knob

You do NOT need CAD experience or a high performance computer to run the software. You can watch 30 minutes of youtube videos and build a complete chassis in the software in a number of hours, not days. The software will print out detailed instructions on how long to cut each piece, where to notch, how to bend them, and how much they will weigh. Each piece can be named, edited, copied, pasted, etc. Multiple tube sizes, scaling of parts or entire assemblies, no problem. The software has our machine and dies already loaded into a database. It will compensate for tube stretch, springback, and the variation between nominal bend radius and achieved bend radius (and you don’t need to understand these 3 terms, just run a calibration on the software, which includes bending a 90 and measuring it with a tape measure, and it will do it all automatically).

*shipping notes: This will ship freight unless you can’t accept a pallet shipment. Our shipping cost is assuming you have a commercial (non residential) address and a dock or forklift to unload. Residential and lift gate fees average $65 each and are the buyer’s responsibility. You may also pick up at the freight terminal for no additional cost (they will load into your pickup truck). If you have ground items ordered, they will have a separate much smaller shipping charge at checkout.


Die Sizes: Dies that comes with your machine. dies are listed as “OD x CLR”, OD = outside diameter or size, and CLR = Center Line Radius, the size of the bend. For help choosing dies, click here (LINK).

Roller Dies: This package comes with pressure roller dies, which allow you to load the machine easier/faster and put bends closer together in some circumstances, and bend steel/aluminum without changing pressure dies. S bends are possible with this upgrade, we have a video showing them here: Video on YouTube (LINK, new window). S Bend Video (LINK)

For a chart of what frame will bend what range of material,click here (LINK).

Want proof that the standard M600 (not the xHD) can bend 1.75 solid steel bar?! watch the video:

How much work is it to weld it together? Very little, it’s so easy a novice welder can do it:

How hard is it to change dies? Super easy! Here is a video of a die set change;

*when properly equipped. Please see our wall thickness capacity chart for full details. It is in our tech section on our web page.


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